Bigg Boss Tamil 3: No place for deception here, says host Kamal Haasan

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— Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) June 22, 2019
But despite the buzz, Bigg Boss has come under fire as a plea was filed at the Madras High Court to restrain Vijay TV from broadcasting the show. நிஜம் மட்டுமே நிதர்சனம்..! 0
Comment(s) சில பேர பாக்கும்போது நம்மளயே பாக்குற மாதிரி இருக்கும்..! 😎


பிக்பாஸ் – நாளை இரவு 8 மணிக்கு உங்கள் விஜயில்.. 😎
பிக்பாஸ் – இன்று இரவு 8 மணிக்கு ஆரம்பமாகுது..! 😎
இன்று இரவு 8 மணிக்கு ஆரம்பமாகிறது பிக்பாஸ்.. Advocate K Suthan, who filed the plea, submitted, “Bigg Boss show hosted by actor Kamal Haasan is being telecast with abusive content only with the view to increase the TRP ratings and get monetary benefits without any social responsibility.”
The Madras High Court has issued notices to CBFC and others on a plea seeking a direction to set up a panel to censor TV programmes and restrain Star Vijay channel from broadcasting the show. #BiggBossTamil #TheGrandOpening #BiggBossTamil3 #BiggBoss3 #KamalHaasan #VijayTelevision
— Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) June 23, 2019

போலித்தனத்திற்கு இங்கே இடமில்லை.. Kamal Haasan has promoted the show heavily and says in a teaser, “There is no place for deception here, only truth”. இது வெறும் ஷோ அல்ல.. நம்ம லைஃப்.. Like the previous seasons, Bigg Boss Tamil 3 will also test the various skill sets of 16 contestants inside a safehouse without any mobile phones and no contact with the outside world. Aarav went on to win the first season and Riythvika emerged as the winner in the second season. #BiggBossTamil #TheGrandOpening #BiggBossTamil3 #BiggBoss3 #KamalHaasan #VijayTelevision
— Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) June 23, 2019
Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is expected to have a runtime of 60 minutes during the weekdays and 90 minutes during the weekends. Bigg Boss Tamil 1 marked Kamal Haasan’s small screen debut and the show went on to gain immense popularity that shot actress Oviya to stardom. Advertising

The show, which goes by the tag-line, “This is not just a show, this is our life”, has created a lot of buzz and excitement among audiences.