Chris Hemsworth says it was ‘so much fun’ to play fat Thor

After levelling several box office records, it is expected to become the highest earning film worldwide. Norton quipped, “He did eat his feeling,” while talking about the God of Thunder’s big paunch. Currently, James Cameron’s science fiction fantasy film Avatar is at the number 1 position with a collection of 2.78 billion dollars. It’s prosthetic, latex kind of thing which literally I would slip into. Endgame has earned 2.69 billion dollars worldwide until now. “It’s the most remarkable thing. It weighed about 60-70 pounds and had a zip up at the back.”
Graham Norton then asked, “Thor was depressed. Hemsworth replied, “He definitely ate his way through his emotions, yeah.”
He explained how the makeup artists turned him into a much ponderous version of himself. 0
Comment(s) Did people treat you differently?” He replied, “Yeah, every time I stepped near the catering truck they were like, ‘Nah, nah, nah — you’ve had enough big guy, get on the treadmill.’”
Avengers: Endgame, meanwhile, is on the verge of history. Was it depressing for you walking around like that? Advertising

The actor has now opened up about the look to Graham Norton on his talk show.