Chris Hemsworth wants Thor vs Superman. Who will win?

Will it be a new Superman or Henry Cavill will return? While the God of Thunder is high in the air, holding Stormbreaker with bolts of lightning around him, the Man of Steel hovers a little above the ground, his red cape flowing around him. Since they are both on the good side, either one or both of them will have to be convinced of other’s danger or one of them will have to go crazy like Hulk or Superman himself in Justice League. Thor would not be able to follow Superman’s speed and will not be able to lend any blow to hurt him with Kryptonite. As to who will win, it is not clear yet. Whatever happens, it will be really interesting to see the two superheroes fight just for the thrills. Is Superman? Advertising

Other factors will also come into play. Both are of a race that is higher than humans. It is hard to see how could Thor — or anybody, really — beat that Superman — the one with the powers of Superman and Thor. Although there have been several crossovers in comics, Marvel and DC have never agreed to share characters in a movie, and they are not going to anytime soon. His speed then might come into play. Thor is ready for the fight. The DCEU’s Superman is at least as fast as the Flash (he was able to follow him with his eyes while clutching Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in his hands). Advertising

In an Instagram story, Hemsworth shared a piece of art that shows the two heroes facing each other. A Superman vs Thor film will require one of them to travel to the other’s universe and then the conditions will have be made to make them fight each other. While Thor is an Asgardian, Superman is a Kryptonian — both have superhuman strength, stamina and near-invulnerability. Also, Superman lifted Mjolnir and used it and Captain America’s shield to fight against a character called Krona. 0
Comment(s) Will it be Fat Thor or the older ripped Thor (from, say, Thor: Ragnarok)? In comic books, Superman beat the Hulk, a character with arguably more raw strength than Thor. Then again, if Thor gets his hands on a little Kryptonite, things may become difficult for Superman.