Chunky Panday on Saaho: I will be deadlier in it than I was in Begum Jaan

When I saw the film on the premiere night, she kind of shocked me. Saaho is releasing on August 15. For me, my main concern was how has she performed as I had not seen any rushes or anything. Now let’s see what she does further. This guy was a superstar and then a completely out of work artiste. And then suddenly he gets a big opportunity to make a song, and he tries to bounce back. It is directed by Sameer Patil, the director who made Poshter Boyz (2014). I can only learn from them. That didn’t happen but you have a fantastic line-up of films this year. The new generation of stars will be performing stars. How do you see your work today? I had only seen the trailer on YouTube on the day it was launched. We also didn’t have sync-sound. Apne bacche toh sabko acchhe lagte hai (everybody thinks their children have done well), but I kept thinking what will the world think of my girl. You can do a very commercial film and perform well. I find it very uncomfortable when I have to sync-sound even now. We need to trust the director and someone who has come with a good script, and give them your all. Everything used to happen on sets. So, we had to prepare ourselves for that. Whatever work happened, happened on the sets. I saw the movie very critically. Advertising

In this interview with, Chunky reveals how he survived the rough days with a positive attitude, and how he has been unlearning a lot of things. What would you tell stars of your generation who are struggling today? A faded superstar musician who is trying to make a comeback. Before the release of her film, I was very nervous. People have workshops. I didn’t even go for the trailer launch event. So, I was satisfied that my girl has got her craft, and that she just needs to improve on it as she goes along. Yes. I know that to be a star in Bollywood, you have to be accepted by the audience. Then I am doing Prasthanam with Sanjay Dutt and that should be coming in September sometime. Did you identify with that character? Here are excerpts from the conversation:
After receiving critical appreciation for your performance in Begum Jaan, people expected you to appear in more films in 2018. She is nothing like that in real life. 0
Comment(s) How much leaning and unlearning did you have to do to adapt with the changing time? My character in Tap Tap is a has-been. So, I would say the wait has been worth it. Not for anything, not even for the fate of her film as I know better that actors have no control over the fate of the film. What I feel is it is very important to trust people at work. So much of it was in front of the camera. While dubbing we used to get a chance to enhance our performance. She really surprised me with Sherya’s character. So, this year is going to be filled with film releases for me. So, I chose those kinds of roles like Apna Sapna Money Money’s Rana, Housefull’s Akhri Pasta. Even I have done some crazy things to make ends meet. What are the changes you have introduced to your craft? It is called Bhangaar Wala. Things have changed now. The audience is looking out for performers, and believe me, you don’t have to do an art film to impress them. Popular Photos

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When I decided to make a comeback, I thought I will just concentrate on comedy because I wanted to make people laugh. Advertising

You recently appeared in Tap Tap, which is one among the six stories of Shuruaat Ka Twist. This is being produced by Riteish Deshmukh’s production house. But I have always smiled through everything and got myself going. Advertising

What can I tell them? He is someone who couldn’t get work for some years, and has been living hand-to-mouth. I am also doing a Marathi movie. I think I am in an exciting phase of my career. They are not publicising me much, but I will be deadlier in it than I was in Begum Jaan. They are watching so many Hollywood films that I wanted to do something different. We used to dub. Talking about the next generation of stars, how did you feel about your daughter Ananya Pandey’s debut in Student Of the Year 2? Today’s audience has become very performance-oriented. After that I have Housefull 4 releasing on Diwali. But I could see shades of myself in him. So, I wanted to see how they would react to her performance. But it is okay, you have to sometimes go with the time. I think we have evolved a lot, and it is so good. I did some crazy characters and they worked. I don’t like it at all because I know what I can do in dubbing. More Explained

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How different is it working in films today than it was in the 90s? They recognise that. I am still getting used to it. Yes, I could identify with this character. We never had script reading sessions and rehearsals. But the audience today is consuming so much content on so many platforms like digital, TV. If we do that, normally the characters work out quite well.