Dance India Dance 7 first impression: Kareena Kapoor Khan needs to work on her judging skills

With the first two episodes being a lot of noise and no show, we hope it gets better in its second week and the judges, including Kareena, do their job instead of just playing nice. Also read |Kareena Kapoor Khan: Dance India Dance 7 is a show about emotions


As a whole, the seventh edition of the most successful dance reality TV show Dance India Dance failed to connect with viewers. 0
Comment(s) A performance that broke many stereotypes! Also, I understand that the age of judges saying all the mean things to contestants is over and now it’s all about a warm relationship between judges and contestants. Where it didn’t fail to be at par with other TV reality shows was the focus on hardships and tragedies of contestant’s lives and the emotional drama that follows. For her, every performance deserved ‘five stars’, ‘1000 points’ or a kiss from her. But to my utter disappointment, it all started falling apart when she uttered ‘dialogues’ from an obsolete script of a reality TV show and faked excitement. In comparison to other TV reality shows like Super Dancer or Dance Deewane, it could not manage to even hold interest with staged banter. She brought her indelible and authentic charm to the stage and I could not wait for her to take the seat of the judge. Advertising

Kareena’s spunky dance moves on “High Heel Te Nache”, “Taareefan” and “Chammak Challo” gave the show a grand opening. Kareena loved almost everything she watched. But what is it with judges going overboard and comparing absolutely average performances with some of the refined performances by stars over the years. She had no qualms in going on the stage and (almost) shaking a leg with them. This diva of Bollywood really needs to work on her judging skills. Judges appeared to be morale boosters and not critics. However, Kareena got better in the second episode as she got a little comfortable and her comments had a few more words and not just scribbling on a paper and fake laughs. Tune in to Zee TV tonight at 8 pm to watch Dance India Dance.#DanceKaJungistaan #DanceIndiaDance #BattleOfTheChampions #KareenaKapoorKhan @raftaarmusic @BoscoMartis @KareenaK_FC @salsasneha @zeetv_did
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But, full marks to Kareena Kapoor for her effort to establish a connection with contestants.