Dia Mirza: Kaafir has made me a better person

Comment(s) Kainaaz can never leave me. On one hand, you have Kaafir and on the other side, you produced the web series Mind the Malhotras which released recently. But one thing that I have learned is nothing helps you more than being grounded. But were you confident that you could pull it off? Every human is much more than that. But all of that did not really bother me as I was well equipped emotionally. One has to feel it in order to live it. The actor spoke at length about how she was consumed by her character Kainaaz, her second innings as an actor and the diversity that digital space offers. The workshops with Atul Mongia also helped me become Kainaaz. I feel so proud that we could tell it and I could be a part of it. Here are excerpts from the conversation. Also, I have realised that success and failures are nothing but imposters. It has made me stronger, more passionate and compassionate as a person. I was primed for Kaafir and was so ready to play Kainaaz. I think the timing and necessity to convey this story to people is of utmost importance. The work environment was not always conducive, be it extreme weather conditions or a lot of work every day. It’s really wrong to judge someone because of their beliefs. I have waited for the right opportunity. But now, it’s more matured and finally stories which has something to say are being told. It’s important to be a witness to reality as this world can consume you. But how challenging was it to get out of the character and its intense emotions? Advertising

Dia recently sat down for an exclusive interview with indianexpress.com. We have never consciously acknowledged how much the pressure of box office affects the journey of films. Producer Siddharth P Malhotra shared how he instantly knew you were Kainaaz. It fundamentally challenges censorship. It seems like it was a mammoth task to get into the role. And I don’t even want her to ever leave me. Prejudice and the idea of ‘them v/s us’ are polarising and creating disharmony and friction around us. In one sweep of a statement or word, we are reducing an entity to a label. This character made me go to all of those emotions. And acting for me is living the part, more so than ever before. I think I have always had empathy but the extent of empathy I have been able to experience while filming will always be very precious. Diversity, inclusiveness, freedom, democracy – the web is a very exciting space. The first time I heard the script, I could feel it. Venkatesh launches Virataparvam

(Smiles) I guess so. As humans, we tend to shut some emotions out of fear. It’s interesting how one can work on such varied projects at the same time on the digital space. The character has empowered me and allowed to feel so much. Kaafir has come along because I have never been more aligned with my truth. If you could rewrite your career, would you make any changes? Nothing at all. Advertising

I have always believed that an artiste needs to respond to a story first. All of what I have experienced has made me reach where I am today. Have you personally experienced any kind of prejudice? The story, the theme and the themes within it. Popular Photos

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Have you seen these photos of Sunny Leone, Aamir Khan and Hina Khan? Do you think I have got out? As for digital, it was rebellious and did whatever it wanted. it’s really important that you meet the right opportunities with preparedness. I have learnt and grown because of her. It’s a very big part in attracting the right energies and opportunity Also. Can we consider this the emergence of Dia Mirza 2.0? What resonated with you most about Kaafir? The show has made me a better person.