Ekta Kapoor’s MOM Mission Over Mars features wrong rocket on its poster

“This show is on the women who sent the mission on Mars — partly fictional keeping in mind the sacrosanct nature of ISRO,” she wrote. According to her tweet, the show was being presented after “millions of meetings with ISRO” and would maintain a “certain amount of sacrosanct secrecy”. Some Twitter users spotted the gaffe and criticised the showrunners’ apparent lack of research into the subject before the poster launch. 0
Comment(s) The series is “part-fiction, part real story” based on the achievements of all the women in Indian science. Actors Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh star in the show for ALTBalaji streaming platform. MOM was India’s first interplanetary mission. Advertising

“Could it be that they didn’t have a single expert as a consultant for this series?” another user wrote. In her tweet on June 6, Kapoor wrote that she had decided to make the show two-and-half years ago when she chanced upon the “amazing story about women in Indian science.”
The show will stream on AltBalaji. The poster features what appears to be a Russian Soyuz launch vehicle, superimposed with the Indian flag. “The fact that the poster uses the wrong rocket is already a big flag,” one user tweeted. India is also the first nation in the world to have successfully placed a probe in Mars orbit in its first attempt. The launch made ISRO the fourth space agency to reach Mars, after Roscosmos, NASA, and the European Space Agency. Advertising

In a tweet last week, Kapoor announced the launch of the show that revolves around the story of four women scientists who were involved in India’s Mars Orbiter Mission launched in 2013. ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan, on the other hand, was launched aboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket C25.