Everything you should know about Russell Crowe’s show The Loudest Voice

The trailer of the show was shared by Showtime with a description that read, “This seven-part limited series is about Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News. And sometimes you fall into the trap of, when you know the outcome, bending everything to the outcome. The controversy


The Loudest Voice will attempt to showcase the years when Roger had more or less become the unofficial main man of the Republican Party. 0
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The Loudest Voice will revolve around Roger Ailes, who was once upon a time the President of the Fox News Channel and who reportedly helped shape the rise of current US President Donald Trump. It focuses on the past decade in which Ailes arguably became the Republican Party’s de facto leader, and the sexual harassment accusations that brought his career to an end.”
The cast
Perhaps one of the main attractions of The Loudest Voice is its star-studded cast. They know the name and they know the [politics] but they don’t know the man. The show features Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Seth MacFarlane among others in significant parts. It’s like, this can’t be pre-decided, you know what I mean? They don’t know his history and how it all went — most don’t even know what he looks or sounds like,” the actor added. It’s living history, so we’ve got a certain responsibility. It will also shed light on the multiple sexual harassment cases against him which ultimately resulted in his downfall. But nobody in the course of this knew the outcome, so you’ve gotta clean your own slate a little bit and be very fresh about how you see things.”
“What I want people to get out of it is that I want it to be new because they don’t really know. The takeaway from the show according to Russell Crowe
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Russell Crowe, who portrays Roger Ailes, said, “Look, I’ve been very open about this stuff with different directors and with Alex (Metcalf, the series’ showrunner) and the other writers.