Expect the unexpected in Kingsman 3: Director Matthew Vaughn

That’s a working title. You can expect the unexpected is all I’ll say… we’re literally finishing the script off as I speak but they go on a journey that, if anyone sees it coming, then I’ll give up,” he told The Playlist. The film will be released in February 2020 and is reported to star Ralph Fiennes and be set during World War I, focusing on the establishment of the secret organisation. (But) it’s not actually called The Great Game. We wrapped last week, so we’re excited about it. It’s incredibly different,” he said. “People will either freak out in a good way, or freak out in a bad way, but they will freak out. I don’t know what it’s going to be called. He also revealed the team recently completed shooting for the Kingsman prequel movie, tentatively titled The Great Game. 0
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Fox Studios announced the film last September with Matthew Vaughn attached as writer and director. Advertising

Vaughn added that if people like the film, the makers would want to come up with “more Kingsman movies in the franchise”. The director said he is planning to start production on the film later this year, with an expected release date of 2021. “Next year you’re getting The Great Game. It’s wrapped.