First of Many: Govind Namdev revisits Sardar

I was focused on the movement of my character. And I asked him whether the character can eat ‘paan’ in the movie to give him a distinct characteristic. He liked the idea. How many retakes did you take? I didn’t know how to modulate my voice as per the character back then. Advertising

Govind Namdev has delivered some of the most striking negative performances we’ve seen in our films in the last few decades. The actor might have made his official Bollywood debut with Shola Aur Shabnam in 1992, but it was the film Sardar (1993) which he had actually shot before, that can be called his maiden project. I had planned that when the shot will start, I will look at the actor sitting next to me and as the camera gets closer, I will shift my leg, while sitting, as you do normally. Namdev, who graduated from theatre to television and films, has had a journey to reckon with. Popular Photos

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So, Sardar was my first movie and I had the role of Sardar Patel’s personal secretary, V. After completing my school education, I went to Delhi to do my graduation. 2. The shot was done in 2-3 takes and that too happened only because of some technical problems. Namdev went on to play Shankar, the assistant of Sardar Patel in the biographical drama. 3. I applied for that scholarship and got through it. So, this was my first shot for my first released film. Were you nervous? I came to Mumbai in 1990 after doing professional theatre in Delhi for 12 years. No moment is wasted. I came into acting coincidentally. Also Read | First of Many: Gajraj Rao | Vivek Oberoi | Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub | Rajpal Yadav | Rajeev Khandelwal
6. If given a chance to go back to your debut role, what’s that one thing you’d like to change or do better? Sardar took four years to release. I knew that if the actor is focused on his character’s natural movements then you don’t get camera conscious. In Delhi, I decided to get a part-time job. I told them that we do the same thing in plays. Three months after arriving here, I received a call that Ketan Mehta is planning a movie and is doing the casting in Delhi and he is asking for me. Having appeared in TV shows like Byomkesh Bakshi, Aahat and Aashirwad in the 90s, to giving memorable roles in movies like Virasat, Satya, Pukar, Sarfarosh, Johny Gadhaar and others, Namdev has made his mark on almost every medium. What do you remember of your first day on set? As actors, we do some research on a character, how he will sit, how we will walk, how he will talk etc. After seeing that album, he immediately offered me his next film and asked me to call him in 15 days. What inspired you to become an actor? I’ll do it better in terms of that, if I get to do it again. How did your first acting project come to you? I told him that I was not looking for small roles and want to do substantial parts in movies. I am from Madhya Pradesh. Regarding Ketan Mehta, after the movie, he did offer me a couple of roles, but I had to turn them down. He treats me like a younger brother. I knew that the people I refuse, I won’t be able to work with them in the future. But I knew that you can’t please everyone. My first scene was with Govinda where I am taking him in the police van. I never thought I would become an actor. I have done many films with him. I didn’t audition for the role. After talking with him, I showed him the photo album of my work. You learn about certain aspects after being in the business for a few years. Advertising

I was really active in my school’s cultural society and cultural activities, I used to organise all of it. We try to make every character interesting. The film also had Ashish Vidyarthi, Annu Kapoor and others. He called me to meet him. I feel now I could have played around with the voice of the character in a better way. Mehta saw my photo and matched my look with that of the character. 4. In the scene, I put the stick on Govinda’s shoulder and take it on his cheek and everyone really liked that gesture too. While the shooting of this film was going on, I found out that Pahlaj Nihalani was planning a movie, so I called him and told him about my theatre background and expressed my desire to meet him. They said nobody explained anything to me, yet I did all this, that too in my first movie. 1. I didn’t feel any nervousness because I had done TV plays earlier, so I had some idea of working in front of the camera. I made a reputation for myself in the theatre circuit. So, it is on the same lines. Hence, when I went to Mumbai, I decided that I won’t do any work that would demean my respect or talent. I have a great rapport with Paresh ji. Shankar in his movie on Sardar Patel. I saw an ad of the Delhi government about two scholarships for studying in National School of Drama, so I was really excited about it. In my first shot, I still remember I was sitting on an office bench and waiting for Sardar Patel so that when he comes, we will enter the office with him. I went to meet him in Delhi and he signed me for the character of V. We thought this will be a 15-20 second shot. I created a pictorial record of all my theatre work and came to Mumbai. More Explained

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After that first shot, people started noticing me including Paresh Rawal, who was an established actor by then. That’s how I got my first project and the shooting started. So, Ketan Mehta explained the shot to us that the camera will start with a wide angle and then will come in front of you. 5. So, I was very comfortable being on stage. From Bandit Queen to Oh My God, the maverick actor has left an impression. My role was that of a corrupt inspector. Shankar. How was the rapport with your co-stars and director when you got to meet or work with them again later? 0
Comment(s) I had worked with renowned directors and personalities of theatre. So, this was my first shot and everyone was so impressed to see so much action in one small shot. Advertising

So how did Namdev get his first film Sardar and what was it like being on a movie set on its very first day? I called him after 15 days and he explained the character to me in my first released film, which is Shola aur Shabnam.