Girish Karnad was a pillar of social justice: Kabir Khan

As told to Parth Khatau. His health was fine at that time. In Dublin and Istanbul especially, I used to just sit and chat with him on various subjects. Advertising

When I was making Ek Tha Tiger (2012), I thought of casting actors who weren’t from that world (commercial cinema). Girish sir was a giant in the theatre world. That is our biggest loss and should be mourned about. He was brave and never held back his views. He was very gracious and came on board. I had already written the script of this show. It was some time after that his health started deteriorating. His contribution to cinema and theatre is immense but he was also a pillar of social justice, speaking about issues he felt about. It is one of the most definitive plays of Indian theatre. 0
Comment(s) The idea was to create a new world around Salman Khan with them. But these discussions helped me polish it. Girish sir’s uncle was one of the first cadets of the Azad Hind Fauj. So, I reached out to Girish sir. It is rare to come across someone like him in the world of cinema. He was sent to Japan in 1944 to be trained as a fighter pilot. We even used to go on long walks. I watched a production of his play Tughlaq when I was living in Delhi. I had the privilege of shooting with him in various cities such as Mumbai, Dublin and Istanbul. In the last few years, he spoke out strongly on the need to preserve India’s social and secular fabric. These discussions helped me in fine-tuning the script of my upcoming web series, The Forgotten Army. During this period, we spoke about the Azad Hind Fauj at length.