Himesh Patel says soap star perception is ‘changing’

But the fact that I’m even in this position is a step that I don’t think has happened. I’m glad that, you know, someone like me, who did nine years on a soap, can now go on and do something like this. “There’s friends of mine who have been doing really great work since leaving soaps. Advertising

The EastEnders star, who is the latest soap actor to head to the movies with Yesterday, said he did not feel looked down upon while working on the Danny Boyle directorial. And, you know, whether it means that I’m scrutinised more when it does come out, obviously I don’t know. That’s kind of a step in the right direction, I think,” Patel told DigitalSpy. It’s something that I think has been changing. In “Yesterday”, Patel plays a young musician who one day discovers that the world has forgotten The Beatles and he is the only one to remember their songs. “I’ve not been asked. Well, it’s been happening slowly. I don’t know whether to expect that or not. But at the moment, I think life’s taking a different direction. 0
Comment(s) “I didn’t feel it when I was working on (Yesterday). Advertising

The 28-year-old actor, who played Tamwar Masood on the BBC soap opera, said though he has turned a new leaf in his career, he would “never say never” to the small screen. But you never say never,” he said.