Humorously Yours 2 review: An unnecessary, scattered season

It brings laughter in parts. Advertising

But, with the second season of Humorously Yours, which comes at a time when stand-up comics are tickling our funny bone more often than ever, it’s difficult to be as invested in Vipul’s story. The second episode ‘Weekend’, which touches upon the problem of sale of tickets, pulling the crowd to the auditorium and keeping up with one’s popularity, also runs at a similar pace. The fourth and final episode of the series, Back To College, proves the second season of Humorously Yours was entirely unnecessary. Advertising

The problem arises from the third episode ‘Surprise’ when you completely lose interest. ‘Long Live Ranjit Walia’ is a decent start to the show. The second season begins with Vipul as a well-established stand-up comic, juggling between his shows and keeping up with the masquerade of being his own manager Ranjit Walia. The makers fail to make the most of an opportunity to further explore the world of stand-up comics and the growing craze for the craft in the country. But isn’t it too late to add sense to a scattered show? The clips from Vipul’s stage performances are used as fillers but they don’t gel well with the narrative. The only time it makes sense is in the last two minutes when Vipul Goyal (a flawed celebrity by his own admission) makes a public apology through a YouTube video to prevent a social media trial. 0
Comment(s) Vipul’s friend Bhushi (Abhishek Banerjee) is wasted as he gets nothing much to do than just being in the frame.