I’m very ordinary and that’s my strength: Actor Dhanush

I had so much to observe, learn and unlearn. Did the urge to tell a story turn you into a director with Power Paandi (2017)? It is great to enjoy popularity across India. I am not going to say no to it. Today, even though we are watching a lot of regional content, do you think the language barrier is still there? I tried to understand the character and do justice to it. How important is music for you? I am talking about music in general. So many good books have been translated and read widely. My directorial debut was about that. I’m very ordinary and that’s my strength. We come from a country where people speak in different languages, yet art finds a way to communicate. The reasons are different for each movie. How did you prepare for the role of a Mumbai slum boy who tricks people with street magic? Which profession would you have liked to pursue other than acting? Then out of nowhere, a normal, mediocre actor is sitting here. I hope I did that. I do my job sincerely and wait for the right script. There are times when a beautiful script comes my way but I don’t see myself playing that role. It must be the result of my parents’ prayers and my good deeds in the past life. We canned the sequence in two days. Dealing with an international cast was a learning experience for me and helped me understand how actors from different parts of the world work. More Explained

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You have produced a bunch of movies so far. It would take a while for me to start the project as I have other projects to wrap up. I don’t cook but I always wanted to. Yes. Till date, I have been writing what I direct. I am curious to know how the Indian audience will receive it. Advertising

What about you, do you think, connects with the fans and has given you pan-Indian acceptance? There are always better, talented and more good-looking people out there waiting for a break. Without music, I will perish. I enjoy directing the most. I never feel tired. I have read Hindi and English books translated in Tamil. We should give her credit for the hard work she must have put in and for doing it beautifully. As long as I remember, I have always enjoyed music. I also love jamming. I always wait for that one story which urges me to be part of the movie regardless of the language it is in. But it must be new to her. Do you always write what you direct? How do you decide which project to back? So far, it has been received well in some key markets. 0
Comment(s) I have never worked towards a pan-Indian recognition as such. Music is my lifeline and keeps me going. I am writing something at present. We are used to the kind of dancing shown in our movies. It may change tomorrow once my thoughts slow down. I am not talking only about the music I make. They are like those fun activities that kids do between their studies. However, the most common reason is that I want to tell a story and I believe it is going to make a difference. Some, I don’t. Advertising

I wanted to be a chef. It has already released in Spain and it’s going to release in the US, the UK, India, and Japan. As a producer or director, I get involved with everything and give my feedback. I regret some of these decisions. I consider myself blessed. It should go on floors in mid-2020. I had no time to prepare. You were reluctant to take up acting initially. Popular Photos

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You have a dance number with Bérénice Bejo, who dances beautifully in the Oscar-winner, The Artist (2011). I wanted to tell this story in a light-hearted manner and convey that even after you turn 60, you can still enjoy life. When I am acting, I do what’s asked of me. I love writing. Advertising

It is a crossover film and can set an example of collaboration, blurring of the boundaries and reaching a wider market. I have missed a few opportunities because of this. This is something extraordinary, something you can’t see with your eyes, which has played a major part in this. When you create good art, be it music, painting, poetry or literature, it manages to reach people. I wanted to tell the story that once our parents become old, we take them from for granted. As a producer and director, how hands-on are you? Director Ken Scott was very helpful and he guided me through its making. We forget about their happiness and the fact that they need love. Was it overwhelming that many fans turned up for the movie’s trailer launch in Mumbai?