I’ve never felt more human: Shia LaBeouf


In an interview with MTV, the 33-year-old actor said he is grateful for everything in his life, including his career. I am on my ninth life,” LaBeouf said. I am closer to my family than I ever have been before,” Labeouf added. My well is full and that comes from living a certain kind of life,” the actor added. The actor said he was “totally lost” few years back and believes checking into rehab and writing his upcoming semi-biographical movie Honey Boy saved him. LaBeouf will be next seen in “The Peanut Butter Falcon”, which is set to be released in the US on August 9. And quite apathetic to my whole craft and my life. I feel like my best stuff has come in the last five years and none of that was studio work. “I’ve never had my feet as firmly planted in the floor as I do now. I wasn’t going to stop doing what I was doing until that happened to me. I am very aware of how lucky I am. I have a good group around me now. I’ve never felt more human. Advertising

“I was totally lost. He said his past mistakes have made him introspect. “I found my way to survive and be able to flourish. You hit the wall enough, you start reflecting. “F**k ups have a way of introducing yourself to yourself. 0
Comment(s) Really like bottom barrel for me, which is what I needed.