JD Chakravarthy: Hippi sheds light on how today’s youth thinks

What is your take on the journey? Have you been approached for any web series? What is your role in Hippi? Kartikeya is a good actor. What about Hippi convinced you? We are producing a web series called D Company. I have them. I am not saying that the scripts I heard were bad but they did not excite me. He believes that only good people should get married. I am very busy doing films right now. And even more to my character. He is a very nice kid. So, I choose very few projects to work on. In recent times, Hippi is the only Telugu film that excited me. He does not believe in love but in lust. Lust is just a small element in these films. You have been in the industry for almost 30 years now. Maybe the lust quotient in films has increased but I believe, no matter what, nothing works if there is no emotion in a film. I get good scripts and too many of the bad scripts. If you see Arjun Reddy and RX100, they are very strong emotion based films. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed working on Gulabi. Tell us about Hippi director TN Krishna. When director TN Krishna narrated the story of Hippi, I got hooked to it. I am very proud of the films I have done, including my best and even the worst. He is very clear in his thoughts. Hence, I got onboard. Be it love, action, comedy or anything, no film can achieve success only with the lust factor. In my view, if a story is good, then everything related to it automatically looks good. I did hear two-three concepts (web series) but nothing really excited me. In recent times, adult content has increased in films. I am extremely proud of even Deyyam. I have been approached for web series and talk shows but I have not taken them seriously. W/O Varaprasad was a dud but I am still proud of it. Also, we are also reviving Guns and Thighs. I liked the way Hippi sheds light on how the youth of today thinks and acts. Advertising

I play a playboy kind of character. Anil Kapoor once told me that there should be at least five films that one should be remembered for. I am sure the audience will also relate to it. It is a four season-long series. 0
Comment(s) Anything you are planning to produce for the web? How is Kartikeya as an actor? Popular Photos

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TN Krishna is a very focused director. Hippi too might look like a bold film but it has a strong emotional quotient. My character is the CEO of a company. Advertising

What took you so long to come back to Telugu films? I am proud of Satya.