Kabir Singh has no melodramatic moment: Arjan Bajwa

But I get e-mails and messages from people who want to see me on the screen and I think that is the biggest reassurance that people really want to see you. Hence the decision. One, I didn’t know about the film at all. It is over 15 years since you entered the film industry. But he is sincere and righteous. I thought how would I react if my younger brother will do something like this. Are you satisfied with your journey so far? I have had the chance to work with the best of the directors in the beginning of my career only and I am still getting to work with the best of the talents in the country, be it Mani Ratnam, Madhur Bhandarkar, Neeraj Pandey, Mohit Suri or Sandeep Vanga. I played it the way I wanted. I feel lucky to be a part of those few who are professionally called actors. He also said Kabir Singh is a relatable film with no fictional elements. It is a real-life character. Popular Photos

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I am not satisfied because the kind of films I want to do have not come to me. Even though it is a pivotal role, I was not convinced about it. He wanted an actor who looks like Shahid’s brother. We have presented nothing that is fictional. Youth get carried away and get involved in alcoholism and sometimes destroy their love life and career. So, what came out was natural and not taken from any other character. I would say my character is not as docile as it was in the original film. Second, I was not sure. He is the go-to man for Kabir. If yes, did you take inspiration from Kamal Kamaraju who played Arjun’s brother in the original film? How would you describe the journey of Kabir Singh as a whole? Advertising

Talking exclusively to indianexpress.com, Bajwa shared what made him sign the project after refusing to do it initially. So, he made me watch Arjun Reddy, and we had some conversations about it. There are no melodramatic moments in the film. It is the reason I decided on being a part of its remake. It is a very relatable film. 0
Comment(s) A lot of them go through heartbreaks. One, the director knew what he was doing. It has changed in good and bad ways. He comes as a saviour for Kabir in all wrong, right, good, bad and ugly situations. We even talked in Telugu. Why were you not sure about it and finally what convinced you? Now it has become about numbers. Advertising

Have you watched Arjun Reddy? One, my journey has been satisfying because I don’t come from the film background. Do you think Bollywood has changed over the years? Suddenly, one Friday will change your life. Earlier, even if a film didn’t work, people will continue to work with each other. Tell us something about your role in Kabir Singh. It was fantastic. Films are shot in just 4-5 months and are released in six months as opposed to earlier when films were made for 2-3 years. He has seen my work in Telugu and maybe because of that, he wanted to cast me. The good thing is since the corporatisation has happened, the industry is not laid back any more. Is it true? He wanted Kabir’s family to look like a real family and not just cast people for the heck of it. But then Sandeep Vanga told me he always thought of me for this role. He will also slap him if he does something wrong. It happens now too, but in a limited manner. But I took my own approach towards the role. I do not believe in doing whatever comes my way because then people get bored with you. Why do you think the youth will connect to it? I will divide my journey into two-three things. Even Shahid pointed it out that you are doing it very differently and this is coming out well. I was not convinced to do the film for two reasons. There is nothing extraordinary in the film as such. He is a quintessential elder Punjabi brother. He is protective towards his brother. How will you describe it? What they have shown as Kabir’s life is what youth goes through in their life. From being a nobody, suddenly you will be omnipresent. Everybody is very aggressive in their approach towards life and so is this guy Karan (Kabir Singh’s elder brother). There are reports that you were not convinced to do Kabir Singh. I felt Kabir is a rebellious guy and his rescuer can’t be a mild person. He has to be tamed in a more authoritative way. A lot of films earlier used to happen based on relationships. Then I was convinced to do it for two reasons. I did watch Arjun Reddy. We are depicted as a Punjabi family. Second, it was one of the quintessential commercial Hindi films. It was my interpretation of the character. Not the film but the character. I was like it is a remake and what am I going to do in it. How was the experience of working with filmmaker Sandeep Vanga?