Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum actor Karan V Grover: My heart lies in acting


Staying away was never a conscious decision. You are the audience and if you say that you saw an improvement, I completely agree with you (smiles). I know I can invest 100 times more in my work when I am acting. Since childhood, we have loved talking about filmmaking and would watch the making of Matrix to discuss the scenes. We both carried on with our individual work and only recently we decided to pursue that passion. If someone offers me to host sometimes, I do it, but my heart lies in acting. 0
Comment(s) My mother, fortunately, is a medical counselor, so anytime I have any query and doubts or need help in terminology, I just give her a call. You have been in a serious relationship with Poppy Jabbal for quite long. Also, for me, I have no problem with a woman leading a show, but the story should be worth it. We are really very happy this way. We have always been fascinated by the title of ‘created by’ we saw in international shows. Dipika has an extremely strong fan following and not just via Bigg Boss but also after Sasural Simar Ka and Nach Baliye. Dipika has found a strong fanbase after her Bigg Boss 12 win. And now, it is my responsibility to do my job well. Now, we will have it for us and we are quite excited about it. We also need to understand that our primary audience is women, so sometimes shows are marketed around the leading lady more. Your performance in Shitty Ideas Trending videos has been much appreciated. Do you think that will help your show? Well, it’s called Spark Plug Ideas, and I started it with my childhood friend Saiwyn Quadras, who is also the writer of Parmanu, Neerja and Mary Kom. The maker Sandiip Sikcand has so much conviction that I was eager to play Rohit. Karan V Grover recently spoke exclusively to indianexpress.com about Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, stepping into the web world and starting his own venture Spark Plug Ideas. Advertising

Why should we? While Dipika has it easy playing a TV actor, what kind of preparation did you undertake to play a doctor? I am thankful to Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein who gave me the opportunity to explore that style of acting. It was an interesting change to work in a short video format. Many people can be popular but not everyone has integrity and talent. Popular Photos

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You see this is not a one-time preparation but a constant one. Also, you recently launched a writers’ room which is working on Akshay Kumar’s digital debut The End. Advertising

While Dipika does a great job juggling between being her real-self as Sonakshi and an over-the-top TV bahu Parvati, it is Karan who takes the cake as Dr Rohit Sippy. I had no other way but this has always been the goal. When I heard the script of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, I knew I wanted to be a part of this show. Do you feel lucky playing a lead in a romantic show? The actor has been quite underrated all these years but with Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, he has finally managed to showcase his talent and comic timing. It might seem that male actors have smaller parts but there is not one show that has worked without a love story. Male actors are mostly around like furniture on TV shows. In a time when so many actors are hosting reality shows, why have you stayed away? Any plans of getting married? I have to daily invest in the character and learn more and more. More Explained

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Honestly, I have always loved acting. Ultimately, every person wants happiness from a relationship and we already have that. I don’t strategise so much. Spark Plug Ideas is about working with like-minded people, taking everyone’s challenges to better the script and screenplay before it goes into production. I don’t really agree with what you said. (Laughs) Oh, you know about that. Post modeling, you started your career as a VJ. I have always liked projects which make you excited every morning to go to work. She has certain credibility and talent to her that makes her a good choice for this show. I remember long back when I was asked at a modeling competition what do I want to be, I had answered ‘an actor’. Also, since they are married, Mohit knows Chhavi’s reaction and highlights and helped me tap those fun reactions to her actions. Do you feel being part of it made you a better actor? I took modeling and VJing as a stepping stone to get into acting. Excerpts from the conversation:
What took you so long to make a comeback to television? I hope so. And for that, you do need a man. I don’t need to learn a language or just change my physique, I need to have the body language and personality of a doctor. Tell us more about that. But that is not the purpose to have her on the show.