Kolaigaran movie review: A well-made investigative thriller with solid twists and turns

A highly instinctive Karthikeyan delves deeper into the case and gets to know of Prabhakaran’s past. Advertising

Kolaigaran opens with a young woman getting murdered by an unknown man. But Prabhakaran opts to surrender to the police. We get introduced to Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) confessing to the crime. Going by the character’s name, you know what exactly to expect from the police officer. My favourite dialogue was, “hospital-aye camera illayam”, as he says while entering the hotel room. This works largely to the advantage of the film. Karthikeyan (Arjun Sarja) is assigned to investigate the murder of an unidentified man. The makers don’t immediately tell you who she is. How he handles it forms the rest of the story. I don’t have to remind the readers about this. Does it ring a bell? But Prabhakaran has a past that he is not comfortable telling people. Hey, this really says a lot. At work, people think he is “oru type-aana aalu”. We don’t know his background either. He knows what works for him the best. In the interval, you get to know he was a former cop. Kolaigaran is ideal binge material—there is a twist at every turn, but they are all within the realm of the characters’ universe. We don’t know ‘that’ side of his yet. Soon, we know the victim is Vamsi, the relative of an Andhra Pradesh Minister, who was stalking Dharini and her mom. I wish the cop played by Vijay Antony had been given more to do. Karthikeyan suspects the mother and the daughter would have killed Vamsi. Prabhakaran and Dharini don’t talk much. They smile whenever they bump into each other. Kolaigaran is a fascinating contrast to the actor’s previous outing Thimiru Pudichavan, where he donned the khaki—and you remember it for all wrong reasons. So, Prabhakaran was the name of a film featuring Vijayakanth. He stays opposite Dharini’s (Ashima Narwal) home. Forthright in word and upright in deed. Advertising

It is inevitable that we compare Kolaigaran to Drishyam as both films are loosely based on the popular Japanese novel, The Devotion of Suspect X. What put me off is those misplaced duets—Kolladhey…Kolladhey and Idhamai— but you have to give it to Simon King for the edgy background score that perfectly sets the mood for the thriller. The core of Kolaigaran is interesting. We know Apollo Hospitals had turned off the CCTV cameras where the former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was admitted. Captain Prabhakaran. Kolaigaran moves back and forth swiftly, leading you into a maze and there is some fine writing that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Arjun Sarja’s performance is the icing on the cake. Andrew Louis, for sure, is a focused director. The characters are fleshed out well enough that makes us truly care when they emote or perform. Moving on. 0
Comment(s) I think after a long time I watched a film without checking my WhatsApp messages. He is a lonely man, shown working at Casagrand. We eventually get a hint there is something more though. I like the roles intense Vijay Antony is picking.