Kunal Kapoor: Noblemen addresses issues that no one else is looking at

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You debuted in Malayalam industry with Veeram in 2017. It is exciting. Any plans to work down south? But why don’t we see you often on-screen? However, I do see a change. A lot of Bollywood actors are hopping on the web series bandwagon. So, yes that is why I chose to get on board. One was bullying, the other was toxic masculinity and also how all of it damages children emotionally and mentally. What is depicted in the school is what happens in society as well. She based it (the play) in the school, which was very interesting. But as an individual, there are a lot of things that I feel very strongly about. For instance, toxic masculinity is something I feel strongly about. Firstly, it was interesting how the director Vandana Kataria has adapted Merchant of Venice, which is one of my favourite plays. It is different in comparison to Veeram. Now, we are far more confident about ourselves. Do you think the audience has become more accepting of films with unusual stories? I will be seen in the role of a physically challenged warrior. I am very excited about it. Are you drawn to such roles/films? The school is like a microcosm of the society that we live in. Secondly, I thought the role I was offered to play was something that I had not done before. I have been working in different films in past two-three years. Why did you choose Noblemen? There’s a scene where the boy is being bullied as the principal and you are watching. You don’t have to add a song to make the film appealing but just tell the story the way it needs to be told. So, this was a world I love and I am familiar with. The director spent his last six years writing the script. It should be out next year. It is sort of a script I was waiting for as an actor because it gave me a chance to explore things that I have not done before. So, that is how invested he was. But the kind of work I am seeking has been few and far. I think it is a very unique script. Thirdly, I thought the director has a very unique voice. The audience is accepting different scripts. 0
Comment(s) So, hopefully, the makers will announce it soon. I think, in our society, even though Article 377 has been scrapped and a lot of people are coming out of their closet, there is still a large population that is homophobic. There is something similar I have been offered. What’s your opinion on that? If I was offered scripts that were exciting to me, I would have done more films because I love being on the sets. Now, I am offered roles that I am excited about. Now, we see stories coming from our roots, which is spectacular because there are so many stories to be told. So, yes, it is one of the things that the film deals with. What’s next for you? I had the chance to play this very unorthodox, rebellious teacher, who has a unique way of teaching his students. I am glad people are asking why am I not seen on-screen often, which means they want to see me more on screen. Advertising

I have a film up for release called Koi Jaane Na. The draft we shot was the 24th draft. But you know, the thing is you can only choose from what you are offered. Are you keen on such shows? The other thing I am happy about is the fact that in the 90s, our films used to be more about NRIs, which felt unreal but as a country, we were going through a phase where we were aspirational. If you are offered a few scripts then the choices you make will be even lesser. Bunch of things actually. Yes, there are a lot of scripts that have been offered to me. I think subconsciously I am drawn to things that address those issues. There is one that I really liked. I am blown away by Meryl Streep in it. So, when something comes around that deals with it, I automatically get drawn to it. Now, you have different platforms, especially OTT platforms where you do not have to think about the box office success or failure. Advertising

I think all the choices that an actor makes are very instinctive. Having said that, I am not going around seeking issues-based films. He is a drama teacher and I come from a theatre background. I also liked the theme that if you don’t keep the monsters of the society under check, they end up creating bigger monsters. So, that was something we were looking for. The principal says it will make a fine man of him someday. The talks are on with the makers. So, you will see me often. I am looking forward to its release as I am excited about how people will react to it. Advertising

In an exclusive conversation with indianexpress.com, Kunal spoke about Noblemen, why he is not seen onscreen much and more. She was addressing issues that no one else was looking at. I am watching Big Little Lies season 2. Popular Photos

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The film talks about a certain sense of homophobia that exists. Any show you are hooked on to? As a society, we are still failing to accept people as they are.