Late Night review roundup: Critics laud Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling’s comedy

Late Night has pleased critics and holds a “fresh” rating of 80 per cent at review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus reads, “Smart, timely, and brought to life by a terrific cast, Late Night is a workplace comedy with a lot of heart — and just as many laughs.”
Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt wrote, “Ganatra nimbly mixes classic rom-com tropes with fresher ideas on race, class, and the tangled ideologies of modern feminism, though her tone can also feel scattershot and sometimes too sitcom-ish.”


The Wrap’s Yolanda Machado opined, “Kaling qualifies as an expert at writing romantic comedies after five seasons of The Mindy Project. But the romance in Late Night isn’t girl-meets-boy; it’s girl-meets-career.”
Associated Press’ Jake Kyle wrote, “It’s an admirably fun and light movie about more serious issues of representation and equality.”
Screenrant’s Sandy Schaefer wrote, “Late Night works as a gently funny (if somewhat toothless) dramedy, thanks to a combination of authentic performances and Kaling’s sincere writing.”

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Late Night is about a late-night talk show host Katherine Newbury (Thompson) who impulsively hires the first female writer for her programme, Molly Patel (Kaling) after being accused of being a woman who hates women.