Luca movie review: A spiritual resistance against death

If he sees someone’s dead body or meets those who attempted suicide, he is pushed to the edge of a meltdown. Popular Photos

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Luca’s phobia began when he woke up to see his father hanging from the ceiling over his bed. The protagonist in the film neither becomes a do-gooder increasing his Karma points or turn into a drug kingpin and start killing people. And later, his condition worsens when he suddenly loses his mother to an unexpected disease. We stay in the memory of Niharika even as we see the story unfolding in the present. He is a gifted artist who is better at conveying his emotions through pencil sketches, plastic arts and a wide range of oil colours. Luca’s graffiti on a wall reads: Existence Is Resistance. A lifeless fish in the market is enough to send him on a downward spiral. When we see Luca, he has no incurable illness that is waiting to claim his life. And he’s not just a poor mortal who is vainly challenging the inevitability of the end of life. But, a curious cop Akbar Hussein (Nithin George) is not willing to close the case as his gut-feeling says there is something off about the case. Luca, the protagonist, suffers from the constant fear of death that lingers atop the human race like the sword of Damocles. He is in a constant battle with death. A popular example is Kal Ho Naa Ho, which is Hindi for ‘tomorrow may never come.’ The protagonist in the Bollywood film knows that he’s definitely going to die soon and tries to keep everyone in his social circle as happy as he could for the remainder of his time on earth. Co-written by Arun Bose and Mridul George, the crossover film uses the investigative angle only to give Akbar a legitimate reason to read Niharika’s personal diary. He has poison in his body and enough reasons to end his own life. Director Arun Bose has extracted an adorable and very relatable performance from Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna. She is also dead and her case is closed as suicide. Advertising

Luca, the movie, reacts to the concept of death in a different way. His practice of plastic arts is what keeping him from falling into complete insanity. He’s a highly-skilled, potent enemy of death. Advertising

Luca (Tovino Thomas) is a free-spirited young man living a vibrant life in Kochi. Luca is terrified by the future. Luca’s spiritual battle with death, however, may miss your attention, if you are more interested in an ongoing whodunit. His artistic life provides a convincing backdrop for his disorderly lifestyle. But he is petrified by all things dead. But, it’s not as much a murder mystery as it is about love, art, suffering, relationships and death. Its reaction to its subject is very real: it’s suffering. Through his work of art, he preserves life by creating a representation of it. It never lets us off the hook as it keeps reminding us about its ominous theme. And on the other extreme, we have Walter White from Breaking Bad, who sets loose the darkest side of his personality and wreaks havoc after being diagnosed with cancer. Both of them have an omnipresence in the film. And we almost forget about his cancer. And his investigation takes us into the memory of Niharika (Ahaana Krishna), who has documented her life in a dairy. The movie opens with the death of Luca. Here he is not just protesting against mortals in power but also death itself. Movies have been made in the past in which the protagonists with a terminal illness understand the importance of living in the moment and cherish every second before their date with death. But there is more to him than meets the eye. 0
Comment(s) He has a condition called Thanatophobia, which invokes extreme reactions in him when he counters death. The feel-good element of the film overshadows its heavy subject which is death. He is a healthy, fit and creative person with bad temperament.