Mind The Malhotras first impression: The show offers little beyond its trailer

Something similar happens in the third episode with the neighbours as well. She finds problems in everything her daughter-in-law does, interferes in her ways of bringing up her children and is possessive about her son. After a while, it gets tiring to see just the two of them doing all the talking. Cut to today, when the show released on the OTT platform and I struggle to move past its third episode. The second episode is about the most common problem in a married couple’s life – the mother-in-law. They, while talking to the marriage counselor, Dr Gulfam Rastogi (Denzil Smith), give the character traits of their two daughters, Jia and Dia and their son Yoan. Advertising

In terms of performance, none of the cast members stands out. So, unless you have no other slice-of-life or a light comedy show to watch from the glut of shows on several OTT platforms, only then turn to Mind The Malhotras. Just when she starts to entertain, we are once again forced to see only the lead characters talking about her annoying habits. A little bit of comic relief comes from the marriage counselor who gives quirky advice, like role-play to spice up their marriage, with a straight face. For me, Mind The Malhotras had all its best moments covered in the trailer. 0
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All of it made me laugh in the trailer of Amazon Prime Original series Mind The Malhotras that released last week and enticed me to watch it. From the three episodes that I have watched till now, the show seems to be nothing more than its trailer. They neither impress nor disappoint. A weak script can also be held responsible, and not only the actors. Sushmita Mukherjee is a typical ‘saas’ to Mini Mathur. With the show being set in a suburban family, where you can relate to the characters and place them somewhere in your real life, they seem to be alien for the most part of the episodes. The writers fail to determine how to best entertain the audience with the characters they have. It begins with introducing us to the Malhotras, ideally only Mini and Cyrus’ characters, as the other family members barely get screen time.