Mohit Raina: I was completely sold by the story of Kaafir

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The show talks about prejudices we have as humans. But that was not the reason why I did the show. So, I deliberately kept myself away from any professional homework. It was difficult initially but I was living his journey on a daily basis. The show has been bankrolled by Siddharth P Malhotra. The writing was so clear and the director so precise, that I did not need to get deep into the emotions. As an actor, when you are narrated a script, you know you are in the story in just a couple of minutes. Popular Photos

Have you seen these photos of Sunny Leone, Aamir Khan and Hina Khan? What was it about the show that struck you? Recently, the actor was applauded for his stellar performance in Uri-The Surgical Strike, where he played the role of Major Karan Kashyap. We all go through and experience it. Advertising

Giving out a broader message of humanity, Kaafir also touches upon the subject of prejudice and the ‘us versus them’ divide in the country. Do you feel a show like Kaafir is important given the current scenario in our country? The 36-year-old recently sat down with for an exclusive chat about Kaafir, challenges of playing a complex character and the experience of working with Dia Mirza. I think a good story doesn’t need a scenario or a situation, or even a particular timespan. She is such a thorough professional and an utmost honest artiste. They are the captain of the ship and know exactly what’s needed. Also, I feel it’s important for actors to surrender themselves. Venkatesh launches Virataparvam

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You hail from Jammu and the show is set in Kashmir. Advertising

It was just fantastic. And the sooner we realise that, it would be better for our personal growth. I would actually be scared that I don’t mess up her brilliant scenes. I am quite happy to be a director’s actor and obey their orders. Producer Siddharth P Malhotra shared how you agreed to the show in the first meeting itself. As a team, we didn’t even know the trailer will get such a nice response. The 40-45 days schedule that I had with her was a learning experience for me. You are portraying a complex character with two starkly different kind of emotions. He then went on to play the lead roles in shows like Chakravartin Ashoka and 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897. She never took a day or scene for granted. Was it challenging for you to do justice to both shades? Personally, have you ever faced it? How was it working with Dia Mirza? Mohit Raina rose to fame playing Lord Shiva in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. I was familiar with the surrounding and setting but not the situations and reactions that we have projected on-screen. Personally, I take it as a big honour that they even approached me. Did that make it more relatable for you? Sid had the story for eight years while Bhavini wrote it 13 years back. Excerpts from the conversation:


You are playing a journalist and lawyer in Kaafir. So, do you enjoy being a director’s actor? Once you believe you are in safe hands, you grow comfortable. She wanted to give it a realistic feel. Also, we did not want him to come across as a professional but present his human side. It’s all a learning experience and with time, you grow beyond that. Even though she has been so long in the industry, she is so hard working. But it’s important that we do not carry the baggage. Kaafir has been accepted in a big way and I am waiting for people to watch the series now. Yes, it was challenging to a certain extent but I did not delve much into it. If told with honesty and the right intent, it would get the love. Honestly, I didn’t work hard on that but rather focused on the journey of Vedant from point A to Z. She is a giver and every emotion she has is so pure. But honestly, I did not prep much as I was told by my director to not watch any material regarding journalism or law. It was actually a learning process every day for me. I have known Sid for years and we have wanted to do something together for a long time. Actors are like babies going into someone else’s arm. I just realised what a tedious job you guys have (smiles). 0
Comment(s) What kind of preparation did you go through for the same? It was an eye-opener working with her. And I also realised that this has to be made and put on the public domain. I am thankful to ZEE5 for backing the show. Personally, I need a little time to do that but once there, I am all in. As a co-actor, Dia kept me on my toes as I didn’t know what she will come up with next. Kaafir has a beautiful message on humanity and how life is much more than having prejudices. Now that you ask, maybe subconsciously I was aware of it. When he reached out for Kaafir, I was completely sold by the story. I really don’t know but having grown there, it might have somewhere helped me play Vedant. It’s all a matter of trust.