Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja movie review: Where are all the laughs?

Second—getting a mentally-ill elected as an MLA. I don’t want to give away more spoilers here. She falls for Siva and has his picture as her phone wall paper. He plays a politician, who often says, “thuppinaa, thodachipom” that falls flat after you listen to it once. Also, they claimed this would be a “family-friendly laugh riot with a social message.” (Shakes my head again) Hey, the result? It’s purely accidental, I think. Moving on…
Siva and Vicky pull pranks on people present in a mall and capture them on video. So, they have their hands full. Advertising

The duo wants to become rich. No, no. Oh, also, we have Nanjil Sampath, who repeats a role similar to his previous outing, LKG. Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja suffers from lack of vision and Karthik Venugopalan tries to milk your emotions here and there by inserting ‘sentiments’, literally. You are expected to laugh when one of his party members forces an earbud into a guy’s nose so that he ends up sneezing. He is a known face on television and debuts as a hero with Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja. This is what they do for a living. Third—the hilarious of all—stopping a murder (similar to the infamous Swathi-episode)—when you don’t know the victim and the perpetrator. This can make you understand the level of her intellect. (Shakes my head). So ambitious and inspiring, isn’t it? What do I tell about Shirin Kanchwala who plays a TV news reporter Nisha? Popular Photos

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What I really enjoyed about the film was Vivek Prasanna’s performance. He is impressive. As for Vigneshkanth, I found one-liners on his T-shirts more entertaining than the film itself. Siva (Rio Raj) runs a YouTube channel along with Vicky (Vigneshkanth). Silly humour, sizeist, racist and homophobic jokes. You can add more -ists to the existing list. Yes, you are right. Wait, actually, not. They hit on their houseowner’s wife. Sigh. I am not quite sure why Radha Ravi’s character is called Jippakaran. On successful completion of the mentioned tasks, Jippakaran promises them a huge amount of money. Again, you are expected to laugh when another guy hits people with a stick. Among all the frailities, it is Rio Raj who holds it together, making the film partly bearable. I don’t remember. Watch out for that moment when he does a Blue Sattai Maran and reviews his own film on-screen. Advertising

Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja is a popular song from MGR’s En Annan (1970) and during the promotions, the makers of the Rio Raj starrer said the title of the song sums up the crux of the film. Does he wear only jippas? They are literally jobless. Anyway, was Rio named Siva because it’s Sivakarthikeyan’s production? He keeps doing it all the time and it’s barely funny. But director sir, you need to understand that a couple of gags, political commentary and parodies put together doesn’t make a good film. 0
Comment(s) They meet Jippakaran (Radha Ravi) who assigns them three tasks: The first involves making it to the breaking news on all TV channels. They are instant-a jeikum “Internet pasanga” as a line of the song goes. He is menacing.