Nick Jonas is missing Priyanka Chopra

It’s okay. I have so much FOMO! I find it really amazing when you flip it and the guy is older, no one cares and actually people like it.”
She also talked about the cultural differences between herself and Nick. We speak over each other to be heard,” she said. I am like everyone speaks with their hands. “It wasn’t hard initially but later after we got married, he’d sometimes say to me things like ‘It’s all good. Priyanka and Nick married last year in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace in Rajasthan in both Hindu and Christian ceremonies. Miss u too.”
Nick Jonas’ Instagram story. In an interview with the magazine InStyle, Priyanka spoke about the age difference and how some people have mocked them, “People gave us a lot of sh** about that and still do. And I am like ‘but I am not mad, I am just being emphatic and talking’. Priyanka Chopra’s response to Nick Jonas’ Instagram story. Everything will be alright’. Priyanka was quick to respond and posted a screenshot of the same story and wrote, “Babuuuu! Advertising

In an Instagram story, Nick Jonas posted a message to Priyanka. 0
Comment(s) We are such a big population. The message featured a photo of the couple with a caption that read, “Missing you” with a heart emoji.