Nivetha Thomas: Brochevarevarura is more than a film for me

It is more than a film for me and I am sure after watching it, the audience will feel the same. So, when people like these back me and genuinely wish me well, it’s definitely gives a boost to my confidence to do better. Tarak, Nani, Vishnu… all these people are like a family now. They are incredible people with a different set of ideologies and work ethics. Are you choosy about scripts that come your way? Popular Photos

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Q. Why I am calling it a blessing repeatedly is because to move forward in any industry and in any job, you need the support of your colleagues. You will feel happy that you watched the film. I believed in the film very much and that is the reason why I wanted to be a part of it. It’s been incredible. How has your journey been so far? Vivek Athreya is one of the best writers-directors we have in the industry in this generation. Advertising

Mithra is a very relatable and well-written character. When that happens, you look forward to watching the film. You try and do a bit of research about your character and think what can be done differently. The film is about relationships and my character’s bond with her father, but it also deals with a lot of other things. 0
Comment(s) Tell us more about Brochevarevarura. Q. She represents almost 99 percent of women. I am not confirming nor denying that. There’s not been an official announcement yet. You have already worked with Kamal Haasan. So, that is the nice thing to see in Brochevarevarura. Films like these are a blessing. So, it’s been a fun ride. That’s why it is necessary for people to see it. Now, you will be seen with Rajinikanth in Darbar. So, I will not be able to talk about it right now. I don’t want to live with a set of image about myself. I am not choosy but a story has to excite me. After a point of time, you will start living with the characters. The movie is more about us, the society and what’s happening in the world around us. Q. Apart from your character, what intrigued you to be a part of Brochevarevarura? Q. So, just take it and run. The plot also revolves around the issue of harassment, which has been dealt in a very interesting and believable manner. As an actor, what are your fears? That’s a high for me. I want to do my best and support his stories even in the years to come. Advertising

Q. The poster of Brochevarevarura
Q. My biggest fear is not to fall into any category or be typecast. I could see the possibility of how beautiful this project was going to turnout to be. When a story like Brochevarevarura comes to you, you put in a lot of work behind it. It’s been a blessing to have gotten the chance to work with the people I have. Possibly, Brochevarevarura is one of the strongest and youngest teams I have ever worked with. Brochevarevarura is special.