Payal Rohatgi apologises after her Shivaji tweet receives flak


“I apologise with folded hands to all those who thought I was speaking ill about their maharaj…It’s clear that I don’t have the right to even ask a question as it’ll be taken in the wrong sense,” she said. Payal had also defamed Raja Ram Mohan Roy, supported ‘Sati’ system, and now she has also dared to insult Shivaji maharaj. 0
Comment(s) “We won’t tolerate any disrespect towards Shivaji maharaj, who is idolised by many. “My simple question has been misconstrued into a hate speech. But social media is full of nameless trolls,” she said in the video. NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik called for strict action and a police complaint against the actor. Advertising

“Chhatrapati shivaji maharaja was born in shudra varna in family of farmers and by sacred thread ceremony and remarriage to his spouse made a kshtriaya so that he could be coronated King. माफ़ी माँगती हु मराठी लोगों से 🙏- Payal Rohatgi via @YouTube #TuesdayThoughts #PayalRohatgi
— PAYAL ROHATGI & Team -BHAKTS of BHAGWAN RAM (@Payal_Rohatgi) June 4, 2019
Rohatgi said she didn’t ask the question to put the Maratha king down. This behaviour won’t be tolerated,” he said. “If Maharashtra CM does not take any action on her then we will protest across the state,” he said. Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant alleged the ruling BJP had paid Rohatgi and others to carry out character defamation of the opposition leaders and other famous social workers on their Twitter handles. After she faced immense backlash for her tweet, she uploaded a video Monday, apologising for her comments. No casteism?” the actor said in a tweet on Sunday. So people from one Varna could go to another Varna if they acquired that skill. I was reading something and came across an information which I put out. Even I, obviously, worship such a legendary Hindu King.