People find me intimidating and I am okay with it: Taapsee Pannu

But these films take a toll on my emotional well-being. (Grins)
Your dream role. I am glad and I am grateful to my directors for the opportunities. I am not bothered about looking good on screen or how people perceive me. Manmarziyan is the most colourful film of Anurag Kashyap’s to date. Recently, someone asked about Pink and Amitabh Bachchan. How open are you to doing sequels? Before shooting a scene, I learn my lines. People find me intimidating; I am okay with it. Who are your good friends in the industry? It is challenging when a role comes with limitations. I would want to do such films. Yes, I do change as a person with each film. Superstars guarantee you a certain opening and they are who they are regardless of their films’ success or failure. And, my Telugu is better than my Tamil. You are a pan-Indian actor. I pray that all strong female characters should come to me. Most of your films are set in a dark universe. But I ruin my performance when I dub for myself. I travel. Advertising

Mulk, Manmarziyan, Badla and now, Game Over. More Explained

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I am never good at socialising and I do regret it sometimes. I should drive the story forward and if you walk out of the theater, you should keep thinking about me. I did that film because it was destined. I observe, absorb, respond and react. One day, he asked me to read a script. Otherwise, I am not a method actor; I am spontaneous. I can only choose from what is being offered. Every time I needed to use the restroom or lie on my bed to relax, I used to be in the cast. Also, I would love to play Indira Gandhi. I am an outsider in the industry and I get used to getting things the hard way. Yes. Advertising

I love promoting my films and I like to talk about my team. That does not necessarily mean women-centric. I liked the way it was written and I knew the film could work in any language. I make it a point to choose more action-driven films than dialogue-driven ones. Maybe, a Superhero in Avengers? Immediately, I remember telling him, “Hope it’s not a horror film.” He told me it’s a thriller. There is a pattern in the variety of films you attract. It is a big thing, indeed. But what Ashwin gave me was never-before-heard sorts and outstanding. It is nice when people listen to you and take you seriously. You don’t know Tamil, but you seem like a method actor. I am comfortable in my own skin. 0
Comment(s) I am sure it was not easy to play a wheelchair-bound character. If you are good at what you are doing, you will get there no matter what. It is impossible for me to recreate what I do on the sets, say, in the recording studio. I get really good scripts in the north. How does it work when you don’t know the language? I didn’t watch Maya because I am not a fan of horror films but trusted Ashwin. Each time I begin working on a film, I start on a fresh note, similar to a newcomer. You never dreamt of becoming an actor, but you are often associated with content-driven roles. For example, I don’t like to wear makeup unless I feel like. I am confident about myself and my work. The minute I finished reading the script, I decided I wanted to do Game Over. That is one of the reasons I wanted to do Game Over. Ashwin Saravanan and I connected first on the phone after the release of Pink. I settle for nothing but the best. It’s bizarre. In Hindi, they don’t put the names of the protagonists on the posters including the promotional materials. But Game Over was worth all the pain. But that tends to ruffle feathers in the industry. Why? He is a brilliant filmmaker. Advertising

I don’t think the real world is dark. Do you aim to become another ‘Lady Superstar’? I like doing and watching those films. (Laughs) Putting up a fake face or a certain image demands a lot of hard work and time. I bounce back. (Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Vijay and Ajith sir.) I am not a Superstar and I don’t want to be one. I hardly act and the credit goes to my co-stars, too. But I get irritated when journalists don’t ask questions pertaining to the specific film. I don’t understand this attitude. It is important that I share a good rapport with a director and that really helped in the output. You are a no-nonsense person. (Smiles) It’s our way of looking at it. I am still in touch with Dhanush and Arya. I am fine as long as I am happy with my role and the script. (Laughs) When I saw the banners that had my name, I was a bit jittery. I am a career woman. I take proper breaks after every film. I have a good working relationship with all of my directors—Anurag Kashyap and Sujoy Ghosh, but I don’t particularly hang out with them. Of course, given the nature of the role, I had to go through both physical and emotional pain. I keep things simple and straightforward. What do you think about those lines “Vellavi Vechudhaan Veluthaangala…”
This colour typecast is annoying as shit. Because I haven’t read such an interesting script in the recent past. How did Game Over happen? Popular Photos

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Not until I was promoting Game Over. She is already in a low state of mind. Swapna is a trauma victim. What do you dislike about the press? We discuss ideas on and off. I am happy being an actor. I haven’t even had an airline fracture in my life, so you can imagine. I just want to be a part of good cinema. He told me he had written it. I was also excited because this is my first bilingual project. I am a director’s actor and I surrender myself completely to the medium. (Laughs) But I like picking strong characters. Anything that keeps me hooked for two hours is a commercial film. Is anyone listening? Were you nervous? Your first Tamil role was opposite Dhanush in Aadukalam. We shot for 35 days and I spent a minimum of 12 hours on the wheelchair. But I don’t want to do a sequel just because it is a sequel. Again, I don’t have to be the ‘hero’ of the film, but if you take my character out of the story, it shouldn’t be the same.