Rasika Dugal: Humorously Yours was such a break from a stressful life

The roles we have seen you majorly in have been hard hitting. I think it has. Vipul kept testing all his jokes on me and most of the times, I didn’t even know he is testing a joke. Also, I haven’t really had time to pause and think about the difficulties, but mostly, I have been enjoying it. A lot of directors have appreciated my work even though this work hasn’t really reached out to many people. Rasika Dugal in Manto. In fact, a few years ago, I was possessive about showing my work to a lot of people. There are some basic things in marriage which just never change. It is the only show that I have done which is light-hearted. Is Humorously Yours a thoughtful attempt to break the image you have created in the past few years? This one is really a relief for me and I am really looking forward to it. I think what was playing against me for a while was ‘oh the work she does hasn’t really been popular.’ I hope that has changed now. Advertising

Because I am very new to fame, I am yet to face difficulties in handling it. More Explained

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I know a lot of stand-up comics. If something thrills me as an actor, I want to do it, irrespective of its popularity. Is shooting for a comedy show as much fun as watching it? I think having a preconceived notion of what the destination of work would be or how it’s going to be received is a very narrow approach. I don’t think many people have done the slice-of-life dramas as good as TVF has done it. You are known as a character actor. It is nice to have a lot of people watch your work but I really have thought of it as not the goal of my career but a bonus in my career. It is the toughest position to be in. So, I think that has changed. The toughest part of their job is how they make their scripted set appear spontaneous and how they have to adapt it according to the place and audience. So, they feel more connected to you as you are more accessible to them. The struggle is kind of very similar, probably that is why Vipul and I connected easily. What is your take on the digital medium? I feel their scripting is on par with the best that we have around. I was impressed with the scripting of it. It is very difficult to make something like slice-of-life interesting. How will the two characters and their compatibility change? But Humorously Yours was such a break from a stressful life. Popular Photos

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Season two of Humorously Yours is coming much later. In fact, that was my biggest trouble on the set of Humorously Yours. 0
Comment(s) I think it is even more fun shooting it than watching. Yes, as an actor, the excitement of experimenting with different genres I had not experimented before is there but not as a strategic move to showcase myself differently. Advertising

I want to fiercely protect the idea of choosing my work instinctively. With digital space, the content has become accessible for the audience. Oh yes. It is interesting to see how much they need to work on their piece, how much time they spend on writing a set and kind of work and insecurities that go behind a set. I always believe that people do change a lot with time. It is amazing to see how they continue a show even when they know their jokes are falling flat and creating no laughter. So, I do not work towards fame but if it happens to me, I won’t say no. How do you deal with it? Sometimes there’s writer’s block when there are no ideas. The films I have done got good reviews and have travelled to some of the prestigious film festivals but they didn’t really reach a wider audience. I remember watching Permanent Roommates and being in complete awe of it. The kind of adulation actors get today is very different from the kind of adulation you had for a star which came from aspiration rather than relatability. When you are truly in love with acting, you inherently want to try a variety of things. TVF has done it successfully over many shows. Humorously Yours 2 deals with Vipul’s struggle with fame. With all of your recent work like Made in Heaven, Mirzapur, Manto and Delhi Crime receiving such great reviews, has the perspective of filmmakers changed towards you? Right now, I am happy that a lot of people are enjoying my work. It is very heartwarming to me because I have been working for a long time. All the other shows which I have done have been so emotionally draining. Then you stop experimenting with things which you must experience. They also check their jokes on some people. What drew you to Humorously Yours? Advertising

In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Dugal talks about her encounter with fame, her experience of working with stand-up comedians and the recognition she has got from the film fraternity after her recent work. How important do you think is fame for an actor? All my other shows are so intense that I would have to undergo a lot of preparation before going on the sets. Have you also started picking your roles more carefully? Similarly, with Humorously Yours, I am excited with the kind of work TVF is doing. Is it any similar to that of actors? I primarily respond to the script and the people I am working with rather than thinking where that piece of work is going to take me in my career and how is it going to showcase me. For me, the work I do is far more important than anything else. Also, to do dramatic roles is comparatively easy than doing casual roles. Of late, you have also received a lot of recognition for your work. After my performance in Qissa, the film fraternity had acknowledged my work. While working on Humorously Yours, did you get to see the real life of stand-up comedians and their struggles? You will see Vipul and Kavya having some sort of better understanding of their relationship which comes with maturity and having lived with each other for years.