Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan get candid on Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan retirement plans
“Have not thought of it at all. Later, when I asked him if he would take the strike. “He had come after playing Under 19 world cup against Bangladesh. “I was very nervous because I had never opened before, not even in practice matches. He refused. So I was preparing that since I am not playing what would I do the entire day- training or something else. So, (in such times) I just go to my partner and ask if the ball touched the bat. Opinion on DRS call being taken by the batsman’s partner
Sharing his opinion on Decision Review System, Rohit Sharma said, “It is a tough call because a non-striker is not in the position of an umpire. I did not even know we were playing against South Africa. When the umpire can take a wrong call at times, how can the non-striker be sure of what happened. I will be out, that’s it. 0
Comment(s) So, over the years, I have learned to be in the moment and enjoy,” Rohit Sharma replied. But then I was like what is the harm anyway. That was one tournament to remember because we won all the matches, even practice matches. And Champions Trophy is such a big series. I go with the flow. He had an aura too of a different type,” Rohit Sharma recalled. As a player, you get the psychological feel whether you’ll play or not. On that basis, we take a call.”
Rohit shared Shikhar’s annoying habit
Rohit Sharma shared he is annoyed by Shikhar Dhawan’s need to use the washroom right before the match begins. Interestingly, we had a 100 runs partnership. The two opened during Champions Trophy. “I like to be on the ground five minutes before the match begins but he always has to pee. When you think of tomorrow, you cannot enjoy today. When Rohit pointed out his English, the cricketer said he would work on it too. So, I took the chance. Advertising

Both Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan opened up about the first time they met each other. Shikhar Dhawan wants to be a cricket commentator as he has a good sense of humour. For us, it is just a cricket match. This is something that we laugh about because it happens in every match.”
World Cup 2019

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As World Cup 2019 has already begun, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan spoke about how they do not take the pressure to perform. A trophy with just World Cup written over it,” Shikhar said. The two revealed that they had met at a NCA camp. So, there was a lot of hype around him. “We don’t take the pressure. Opening together
Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan became the opening partners in 2017. When MS (Dhoni) asked me to open, I said yes but it is only later that I was rethinking my decision.”
Shikhar recalled, “He asked after the toss who is his opening partner.”


Explaining himself, Rohit stated, “I had no clue against who we were going to play.