Rustum movie review: This Shivrajkumar film is a joke

The filmmakers have roped in veteran filmmaker J Mahendran to play the villain in the climax which is a direct rip off of Theri. In fact, put a bunch of toddlers in a room and ask them to come up with a story, it will still be a better film than what Ravi Varma and his team have created. The opening scene begins with an IAS officer entering a half-constructed building overrun by thugs wielding machetes. Abhishek is an honest police officer, who likes to kill people. He seems to have gotten a bit rusty doing fight sequences because he struggles to strike hero poses after taking down the bad ones. The film is, indeed, a success if its goal was to give the viewers a concussion without really striking them physically. S, Ram K. Lakshman, Raghu Samarth) to work on the screenplay, which is conspicuous by its absence in the film. The writers of Rustum have blatantly plagiarized scenes from popular Vijay films. Audiences were so anxious to get out of the theater by the end. Unless he fights like Bruce Lee or Jet Li, it doesn’t really make sense why would the officer do such a dumb thing. “Arrest gives me allergy. I mean, Why? Advertising

He comes to Bengaluru with his family for an undercover mission. Surprisingly, the producers have hired a group of writers (Hardhik C. It seems like the filmmakers tried to pull out a narrative out of thin air after going to the sets. The filmmakers have also recreated a scene from Thuppakki. And yet he willingly walks into the enemy camp, without any backup or a plan. But, unfortunately, that is not how it is. Advertising

Stunt choreographer Ravi Varma’s directorial debut Rustum is bad. We’re not told and when they finally tell us, we are so bored that we don’t care anymore. As Roger Ebert said, “No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.”

Comment(s) For a change, he plays a good guy. However, there is a silver lining – it is also unintentionally very funny. Encounter gives me energy,” says Abhishek before he pumps bullets into the bad guys. If you didn’t know, Mahendran was also the villain in Theri. Abhishek Bhargav is played by Shivrajkumar, who sports a moustache that reminds us of his late father and matinee idol Dr Rajkumar from Shabdavedhi (2000). What is the mission? Ravi has clearly taken a giant leap of faith hoping that over 20 years of his experience staging movie fights will inform the decisions he makes as a director on the set or extracting a better story from his writers. Not because his character is wonderful but we are saved from his another stock villain performance. “I already had enough of it (the film),” said a member in the audience when his friend insisted to wait to see the credit rolls which were coupled with behind-the-scenes videos. Popular Photos

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In spite of its tolerable 128-minute run-time, the film still feels quite long. Vivek Oberoi’s role comes as a relief. The film was destined to be terrible and Shivrajkumar can’t do much to change its fate. Let me tell you how juvenile is this film. He is also straight as an arrow, who does not take bribes. It turns out that he is leading an investigation against the state’s Home Minister.