Salman Khan on Priyanka Chopra quitting Bharat: This is one of the amazing things she has done

She has worked so hard. “I asked her what is it. I told him, ‘Don’t be ridiculous. But she did the right thing. (Also) Ali thought that ‘woh Hindustani role hai.’ (It is an Indian role) So, I said, ‘Kamaal hai yaar! Her upcoming projects include Shonali Bose’s The Sky is Pink and a comedy with American actor-writer Mindy Kaling. That will be done by your designers anyway. “Of course, why not! It is so hard to keep a career here and there (the US). So, I asked her, ‘You don’t want to do the film?’ She said, ‘No. Nick has proposed to me.’ I said, ‘Cool, if he has proposed, then you should.’ Usually some people say that they would get married a year later, after finishing a project. Female actors might leave husbands for Bharat (laughs). It is a gutsy thing. I don’t know which days.’ I replied, ‘Whichever day it is, we will work up and down.’ So, then Arpita hinted at me that she didn’t want to do the film. Have you forgotten that?’ Just because she has done movies like Bang Bang doesn’t mean she won’t be able to play an Indian role,” Salman Khan shared. So, she said, ‘Woh Nick hai. I mean, it is an amazing thing.”
Priyanka Chopra got married to Nick Jonas on December 1 in a Christian wedding ceremony followed by a Hindu ceremony on December 2. (She must have thought about all of this) In spite of that, she took the call.”
Describing the meeting with Priyanka Chopra at his home, in the presence of his sister Arpita Khan, Salman Khan said he told her that they would work out the dates according to her wedding but she was adamant on leaving the project. I might never work with her, all that stuff! Then her marriage thing happened, so she choose to take a very brave, bold and amazing step. The actor, however, said he is willing to collaborate with her in the future. Woh sab Priyanka ke dimaag mein aaya hoga. Priyanka must have also had thought that since she was taking a call five days before the schedule started, I might get pissed off. I might get married.’ So, I said, ‘Get married then.’ She then said, ‘No no…in those days (during the film’s schedule).’ So I asked her, ‘Are you going to make your own clothes? You just need to be present on those two-three days.’ She said, ‘No no. Tumhari dost hai, itna kaam kiya hai. But she chose to get married, which, I think, is outstanding,” Salman said. Advertising

Salman Khan added Priyanka Chopra must have been worried if he would ever work with her again. And then the most important film of her life, which would take her perhaps another 10-15 years to get, she has refused to get married. She has done movies like Rajneeti, movies of Rajkumar Santoshi (Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani) and all that. Usually, people would have fights in their houses. And Katrina got what she wanted,” the Tubelight actor said. She got married because she wanted. Boyfriends and girlfriends might fight. But Katrina had just done Tiger Zinda Hai with me. “Then Ali told me that Priyanka had called him and said she wanted to do this movie. I think she is one of the most hardworking actresses in Bollywood. I don’t want to do the film. (She is your friend and has done so much work) You don’t have confidence that she will be able to pull off a Hindustani role.’
“She has been here for the last 16 years. Advertising

“Priyanka was very keen on doing this film. 0
Comment(s) Denying that her exit has left a bad taste in his mouth, the actor continued, “This is one of the amazing things Priyanka has done. We thought it was Katrina.