Suttu Pidikka Utharavu movie review: Mysskin is all earnestness in this riveting thriller

(Later, one of them is identified as a former employee). Advertising

Suttu Pidikka Utharavu starts on an ordinary note but gets into the edgy thriller mode post-interval. A visibly pissed off Ibrahim says, “Shoot down one of these journalists and call it collateral damage.” Watch Mysskin’s expressions as he utters those words. Those portions could have been elaborated a little. And, why were the doctors delaying the surgery on Ashok’s daughter though he had a well-paid job? 0
Comment(s) Gunshots and blood loss follow at the car parking space. Set in Coimbatore, we see the police force continue to chase criminals. Ashok gets stuck in a lane, packed with houses, along with Selva. However, there are a few questions that remain unanswered throughout the film. The elaborately-scripted details, sharp editing and dialogues add to this interesting premise. The police, headed by Ibrahim (an apt Mysskin), arrive at the spot. For example, despite being an ex-bomb diffuser, what is the need for Ashok to quit his job? But, overall, Ramprakash Rayappa stitches together the events with solid by-the-minute twists, preparing us for a clever cat and mouse game. In the beginning, a group of burglars including Selva (Susienthiran) and Ashok (Vikranth) break into a private bank. Now you know the hunt is on to nab the robbers. A trainee reporter Ashwin (Rithish) with the help of a local girl Bhuvana (Athulya) captures the tension, telecasting it live on a news channel. Parallel, there is another track to Suttu Pidikka Utharavu. Advertising

Director Susienthiran, who makes his acting debut with Suttu Pidikka Utharavu, is spot on. The following scenes are genuinely interesting and present a picture as to how these police officers function. With a stern look, Mysskin, as usual, is cast in a tailor-made role. A shoot-at-sight order has been given, following the chaos. You would break into laughter. None of these turn of events look staged, in fact, it gives you a sense of tension. Ashok is in desperate need of money as his daughter (played by baby Manasvi of Imaikkaa Nodigal fame) has been hospitalised for surgery. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists hide in the same locality as the robbers and plan a bomb blast in the city. Though those bits (the whole angle of journalists-will-do-anything-for-TRP ratings) are quite engaging to watch, they seemed a tad forced into the narration. Also, Athulya Ravi plays a quintessential Tamil heroine and maintains her calmness when a random reporter says, “Chumma paathaale kiss pannalaam pola iruku unga kannam-um, lips-um.” I mean, what the hell. How Ibrahim traces the incident and saves the public forms the rest of the story.