Swamp Thing cancelled by DC Universe after one episode

Another reason that is being reported is the state of North Carolina not giving the producers the promised rebate of 40 million dollars, which is half of the show’s budget. Advertising

Swamp Thing is based on the DC Comics superhero/anti-hero of the same name who was once a man but came in contact with conscious plant life and turned into a half-human, half-elemental monster creature. Advertising

This comes as a shock for many as Swamp Thing received rave reviews all around and seemed like another success after insanely popular Doom Patrol and Titans. It also speaks bleakly about upcoming shows on the services like the Harley Quinn (animated series) and Stargirl. At 80 million dollars, the series is probably one of the more expensive around (Game of Thrones’ final season episodes cost 15 million dollars to make) and lack of a solid subscriber base may have resulted in makers pulling the plug. Swamp Thing’s first (and now last) season holds a 92 per cent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus being, “By leaning into the horror of it all, Swamp Thing swims deep into the trenches of this strange world and returns with a scary good TV show.”

Comment(s) There were also creative differences with different people who wanted a different kind of show. The news was first reported by a portal called Bloody Disgusting and the reason seems to be the executives getting cold feet about the show’s popularity.