The Batman: Here is how Robert Pattinson was cast in the role

Reeves and the studio execs checked how they looked in the cape and the cowl, how their eyes looked, and so on. Advertising

So how was it that he was cast as Batman, easily one of the most iconic roles in cinema? The ‘normal’ refers to most superhero screen tests, especially for bigger roles like Superman, Spider-Man and Batman, which usually last long. Quicker than normal,” the source told the publication. Matt Reeves, who is writing and directing The Batman, wanted a 30-ish actor (the role is of a 30-year-old Bruce Wayne). That’s a part of it. While his take on the character was acclaimed, he had the misfortune of starring in two of the worst-reviewed DC films ever: Batman v Superman and Justice League. So Ben Affleck had to go. Can you imagine anyone with a weak chin ever playing Batman? “It was quick. His competitor for the role was Nicholas Hoult, the actor who essayed the role of JRR Tolkien in a biopic on the fantasy author. Finally, Pattinson was chosen for the role by Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. THR reports that both the actors were put in Bat suits as is usual for casting Batman. Turns out, his casting or at least its final leg was quick. Advertising

Robert Pattinson was 33, certainly not a deal breaker. After his casting became public, Willem Dafoe, Pattinson’s co-star in The Lighthouse, said in Variety’s The Big Ticket podcast, “He’s got a strong chin. A source inside Warner Bros, the studio behind Batman and other DC film franchises, told The Hollywood Reporter that his screen test was surprisingly quick. I don’t think so.”