The Boys trailer: Superpowered CIA squad fights rogue superheroes in this dark, violent series

The Boys arrives on July 26 on Amazon Prime Video. The name of the group comes from Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban in the show), the leader of the current incarnation of the Boys in comics, who took inspiration from his neighbourhood in which people send “the boys” to take care of the troublemakers. It falls on a group called the Boys, a bunch of super-powered CIA agents, to stop them. Erin Moriarty, Jennifer Esposito, Jack Quaid and Elisabeth Shue also star in the series. Butcher uses a baby as a weapon and this is far from the most remarkable thing about the trailer. It is kind of like Deadpool but several notches up and also resembles DC Universe’s Doom Patrol in terms of casual violence and dark humour. They are given the task to keep the superheroes in line. There is Simon Pegg somewhere too, but he has not appeared in the trailers yet. Advertising

As you can probably tell by the trailer, this is not your typical superhero TV series. There is blood, sex, gallows humour and so on — certainly not superhero staples. The latest trailer features some disturbing, weird visuals. The “superheroes” are morally corrupt and since they have superpowers, there are few who can stop them. 0