The Kapil Sharma Show preview: A musical night with Superstar Singer team

He will share that his father never forced him to pursue anything but always guided him in every step of his life. @KapilSharmaK9 @kikusharda @haanjichandan @Krushna_KAS @bharti_lalli @sumona24 @RochelleMRao @trulyedward @banijayasia @apshaha
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Alka Yagnik and Kapil Sharma’s special connection
Alka Yagnik will reveal a special connection she has with Kapil Sharma. The iconic singer’s daughter Syesha Kapoor also got married on the same day as Kapil (December 12). 0
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After the judges of Superstar Singer get comfortable with Kapil Sharma, Himesh Reshammiya will ask him to sing. His candid action will leave everyone in splits. He will reveal that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is one of the biggest reasons for him to be in the music industry. Javed will also talk about his father’s support. As per Himesh, music was only a hobby and he never considered it as a career. So, while she was caught up with preparation and responsibilities at her daughter’s wedding, she did take out time to go to Kapil’s wedding for a few minutes to wish him. While Kapil will be overwhelmed with the compliment, he will shock everyone when he will go up to Archana Puran Singh and touch her feet. Janne ke liye yeh pura kissa dekhiye #TheKapilSharmaShow, aaj raat 9:30 baje. She will also share that Rahman used to earlier record only in Chennai but recently he has started working in Mumbai also. Miliye #SuperstarSinger ke Judges se #TheKapilSharmaShow mein, iss Saturday, raat 9:30 baje. Yeh kissa kursi ka kabhi khatam nahi hoga! He will share that the Punjabi song “Tanga Wale Nain” was his inspiration to become a singer. Alka Yagnik will say that she really adores Kapil Sharma. It was only when Salman gave him a break, did he pursue it further. He will share that it’s necessary to seek the blessings of one’s guru before any performance. On the other hand, Alka is a morning person and it would get difficult for her to manage with his timings. He will also thank his co-judge Alka Yagnik who sang his first song. When AR Rahman got to know about it, he altered his timeline according to her. Javed will say that he is where he is only because of his father. AR Rahman is a nightbird, reveals Alka Yagnik
Superstar Singer judge Alka Yagnik has sung for many music directors and she will have an interesting story to reveal about the award-winning composer AR Rahman. The singer-composer will state that he knows Kapil has a beautiful voice and he should enthrall his guests with a song. Alka will share that Rahman is a night person and even records with artists post midnight. @KapilSharmaK9 @kikusharda @haanjichandan @Krushna_KAS @bharti_lalli @sumona24 @RochelleMRao @trulyedward @banijayasia @apshaha
— Sony TV (@SonyTV) June 22, 2019
Himesh Reshammiya thanks Salman Khan for making his career


Himesh Reshammiya, who has been judging numerous reality shows, will also share details about his career. Javed Ali’s musical journey
Javed Ali will open up about his journey in the music industry.