The Kapil Sharma Show preview: Chopsticks actors Abhay Deol and Mithila Palkar join the fun

The actor revealed she took the opportunity to learn from Irrfan. The troupe that recently won The World Dance Championship will showcase their dancing skills on the stage. The young sensation will state that Abhay is a fun and easy actor to work with. The actor, who at that time was following a strict diet for his then-upcoming role in Dev D, wouldn’t even come close to the sweets. 0
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Apart from the actors, global dance champion The Kings will join the fun. Advertising

Archana Puran Singh, who has earlier worked with Abhay, will share that he is the most sincere and easy actor to work with, who makes his co-actors quite comfortable. Talking about Irrfan, Mithila said that she was overwhelmed by the chance to work with him. Chopsticks’ ‘Goat’ has got it all
As readers would know, Chopsticks also features a ‘goat’ which is named Baahubali. Watch the fun-filled episode tonight on Sony TV. Abhay will reveal that the goat had a separate team even for make-up and diet. Kapil Sharma will quiz Abhay Deol on how the goat was treated on the sets of the film. Advertising

Abhay Deol and Mithila Palkar will talk about working together and their experience of filming the movie. Lucky Oye!, she had a hard time convincing Abhay Deol to have laddoos. Mithila added that she loves the way Irrfan can deliver the best punchlines with a straight face. Kapil will recall Ajay Devgn telling him that he kept his pets in front of a cooler to make them comfortable. Mithila on working with Irrfan and Abhay
Kapil Sharma will ask Mithila Palkar about working with talented actors like Irrfan Khan and Abhay Deol. Abhay Deol’s laddoo story
Archana Puran Singh will reveal that when they were shooting for Oye Lucky! Kapil Sharma and Abhay Deol will also croon the popular song “Senorita”.