The Office trailer: The Hindi version looks like a cheap rip-off

And as a fellow fan of Michael Scott’s antics, I understand why. Although it’s too early to say how Jagdeep Chaddha is going to turn out, it’s fair to say that he is trying too hard. In fact, netizens seem to already hate it. I think, Toby and Creed as well. Hotstar on Tuesday released the trailer of the Hindi version of The Office, and people aren’t pleased. In fact, everybody is. And then we go around the office, where we are introduced to the desi versions of Ryan, Dwight, Kelly and Jan. (Where’s Jim?) Chaddha is seen asking his employee to call him Chaddi Buddy and he makes an unintentional double entendre – just the usual tropes that we have seen so many times in so many different ways. What set the American show apart from its British counterpart was the treatment of the central characters. 0
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So, when Hotstar announced the official Hindi version of the cult show last year, people rejoiced. If done well (like Zabaan Sambhal Ke – the Hindi version of Mind Your Language), it gives the fans a way to fall in love with the magic all over again. Steve Carell’s Michael Scott was loveable and childish, whereas Ricky Gervais’s David Brent was mean and petty. After watching the over a minute long trailer, the Hindi version looks like a cheap rip-off. The trailer opens with the desi version of Michael Scott, Jagdeep Chadda, introducing himself. It’s always exciting to see a show you truly love come back in other ways. Watch the trailer of The Office here.