The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie review: A satisfying summer holiday outing

Max and Duke are both thrown into another churn: Katie is now married and a baby has arrived. The big lesson in that one was that sharing is caring, and Max’s other pals learnt to be good to each other too, after many exciting adventures. The new film is more of the same. Meanwhile, there’s an evil circus ringmaster who has kidnapped a tiger. Will the tiger be safe from the dastardly kidnapper? The best part of this installment is the wise farm hound who calls himself Rooster (voiced by the gravelly Harrison Ford), who shakes ol’ Max out of his therapy-induced stupor (yes, he has a therapist, like all spoilt Manhattan dogs) and provides him with the most useful life-lesson: anxiety is a bad thing, but it can be overcome. Advertising

Of course, we know the answers. We met Max, and his owner Katie, and saw how the former’s life changes when the latter brings in another dog, the huge shaggy Duke. Tomorrow, you will be a rrrrrug, he says, and the poor thing cowers. Will Busy Bee be found? 0
Comment(s) Still, its pleasant enough, and should make for a satisfying summer holiday outing for the under 8s. All threads are neatly tied up, though some of the manic running around feels a bit stretched and unsupported after a point. Advertising

The first edition of Secret Life of Pets (2016) was a bright, cheerful look at what pets do when their humans go off on their pursuits. At every step, in the house and out, in the city and on the farm, where the family heads out for a spell, there looms danger. And in another thread, pretty Gidget who has a thing for Max, has managed to lose his favourite squeaky toy, Busy Bee. How is Max to keep the little one safe?