TV Rewind | Broadchurch: David Tennant and Olivia Colman form the perfect cop duo

What doesn’t work? Think Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but British, which means a tad classier and not as loud. While retaining its older characters, we were introduced to a new crime that had to be investigated. What works? Broadchurch had a brilliant first season but when the second season started, it just lacked the focus that it was known for. With a weak central plot and the lingering effects of the first season’s plot, here, the story goes awry. Only after you have seen the end, you realise that the makers were smart enough to drop hints but we just couldn’t decipher them. Advertising

Broadchurch opens with the murder of an 11-year-old boy in the small town of Broadchurch. Bottom line, Broadchurch asks to be binge-watched, at least the first season but do try the later seasons as well. No one is spared from the suspecting eye and the screenplay devotes enough time in developing all the characters, even if they seem tertiary in the beginning. Jodie Whittaker’s character starts off as a woman who is distraught by circumstances. Advertising

The first season of Broadchurch was written with such preciseness that unlike all its contemporaries, you actually suspect everyone in the small town of Broadchurch. So, at no point, does any character pull a strange trick out of their hat in the name of shock, which is done very frequently in shows like Castle. Popular Photos

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The third season brought back some life to Broadchurch. David and Olivia have been the pillars of Broadchurch and with such fine talent, it’s hard for them to go wrong and here, the clever writing supports them throughout. But who killed him? The ensemble also includes Jodie Whittaker (the present Doctor Who). The first season of Broadchurch places its red-herrings perfectly. The story and characters felt scattered. The show was still smart but paled in comparison to its first season. And why? We don’t see them being just-on-the-job but their personal lives become an integral part of the plot, even the cases they are trying to solve. TV Rewind: Seinfeld | Lost | Mad Men | Sex and the City
Broadchurch streams on Netflix. This is a town where everyone knows everyone. Olivia Colman plays Ellie Miller in Broadchurch. 0
Comment(s) A new detective is put on the case, played by David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame). He is supported by the brilliant Olivia Colman, who has now won an Oscar. As investigation proceeds, the audience learns the information alongside the characters. The final reveal is worth the wait and holds up even in repeat viewings.