Warrior: Everything you should know about the TV show

He wanted to give up, but his mother convinced him to audition for Warrior. Advertising

Warrior is a period drama set in in the late 19th century during the Tong wars. Advertising

2. 4. Warner did not give Lee any credit. It became possible in 2019 because now there is a greater acceptance of non-white leads in American shows and movies. 3. Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee was instrumental in bringing her father’s dream to life. Since Warrior premieres in India soon, here is everything you should know about it. Warrior tackles issues like xenophobia, political corruption and bigotry. Bruce Lee wanted to make it as The Warrior in 1971, but his pitch was rejected by Warner Bros and Paramount. Lee’s widow Linda Lee Cadwell said Lee’s concept was modified and renamed to Kung Fu, with David Carradine cast in the lead role. Andrew Koji, who plays the primary protagonist in the show, left college to pursue a career in acting. Warrior is all around entertainment, but it will especially appeal to those who like action and are also interested in the socio-political context of that time. 0
Comment(s) She found his notes and the show was pitched to Cinemax this time, a sister network to Warner Bros. 5. Then followed 10 years of struggle in the cutthroat film industry. 1. Warrior will air Monday to Friday at 10 pm on Star World from July 1. The period Warrior covers is not as known as some of the others in American history and it will be fascinating to see how it has been brought to life in the show. The Tong Wars were a series of conflicts in the 1880s between rival Chinese Tong factions centered in the Chinatowns of various American cities especially San Francisco. And that is how his dream came true.