Ananya Panday on cyber bullying: I just want to tell my friends that they are not alone

Also, tips on social media for her? Do you think celebrities are more prone to being bullied? So helpful. I feel cyber-bullying and being mean to people on social media has been going on for a long time but no one has taken a step or necessary action. So, I am very excited to work with her. Will we see you playing such characters again or you would want to do something beyond just a commercial film? Just taking tips from her. It is something that I can relate to very strongly. I loved being a part of SOTY 2 and Pati Patni Aur Woh. So, talk to people. How was sharing the screen space with him? I want people to feel the same love and acceptance. They have set such a positive image for youngsters because they are so confident and full of self-love. There are millions of youngsters facing the same thing every day. I look up to Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan because they have been so real, personally and professionally. I have not shot with Bhumi yet but I have really looked up to her as an actor. I feel amazing. That is why I came up with a platform like So Positive where people can talk, share without being judged or hated. It is to teach people a way to deal with bullying. How did they help you in the film? Will shoot there for two months. What’s the worst comment you have read about yourself? There is so much love and positivity. I want to give people the option to speak to me about their episode of being bullied. It is not fair to be mean for no reason. We have only shot one schedule for the film. Popular Photos

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I don’t know about more prone but because you put your life out there, lot of people have an opinion about us because they feel celebrities are public property. But at heart, I am a sucker for Bollywood films. I will love to do different stuff for sure. But what I realised with that situation is that you need a very strong support system. Pati Patni Aur Woh is different. Movies are made for entertainment. When you were accused of faking your admission to the University of Southern California, what went through your mind? I have learned so much from her. If she makes her debut anytime soon, what will be your tips to her? People say that you have a body of a 14-year boy. He is such a nice person. There is a way to say things. I want to wait and do something that I love. But I am not in a rush. But I also feel that celebrities have a responsibility towards their audience because young minds are impressionable. I think she is such a good actor. Sharing screen space with her is in itself so inspiring for me because I can learn so much from her. See, I am strong and I believe in the saying that ignorance is bliss but a lot of people might want to take a legal action against it. There are such films but then a film can be a complete entertainer too. You debuted with a glamourous film. How was it shooting for Pati Patni Aur Woh? You and Suhana are friends. He is so selfless. He is so much fun and makes everyone so comfortable. 0
Comment(s) I think it will be fun to work with him. I feel overwhelmed with the love I have gotten. What was your thought behind it? I miss being on the sets. On the other hand, the audience has accepted you after Student of the Year 2. You need your friends, family or someone you can talk to while you are going through something. Not necessarily they are supposed to send a social message. So, I did not give her any tips. When I look at a movie, I see actors playing a certain character. Advertising

I would like to believe I am thick-skinned because of my father. I feel social media is an amazing place where they should have an opinion, debate, discuss and also give constructive criticism. In today’s tech-savvy world, it is not hard to photoshop a conversation or start a lie because whatever people read, they believe it to be the whole truth. I want to be there for those who cannot. Career wise, who do you look up to? Advertising

So early in your career, you have introduced this impressive initiative. Suhana and I did a lot of plays together in school. How does it feel? He is not a selfish actor, which is such a good quality. Do you exchange notes on acting as even she is keen to be an actor? Kartik has such good command over his Hindi. You are thin. It can be anyone, even me. Since there was no social media when I was growing up, the first memory of being bullied would be from school when people would call me a hunchback, too skinny and stuff like that. He can improvise and he is a spontaneous actor. One doesn’t need to be rude, malicious about it. Also, they have such a fine balance of commercial and content driven films in their careers. I am all in for that. So, yes, I am very excited. You have no talent and many other horrible comments. What’s next for Ananya? They (social media users) have such good energy. If someone has an opinion on my acting or dance, I am all ears for it but there is a way to voice it. A lot of my growing up years have been spent in the digital world and on social media. The rest of the shoot with him is going to be like a dream. While Kartik has done commercial films, Bhoomi has done films with real characters. Advertising

There is something super exciting. There is a side of social media that is so positive and nice. But I can take these comments. So, I want to pick projects that I feel passionate about. Some films also romanticise bullying. What will you say about that? It doesn’t have a lot of glam. What is your first memory of being bullied? Did they inspire you? Both Kartik and Bhoomi are senior to you. I think everyone should be kind and as the name suggests ‘so positive.’ What I will like to tell my friends is to never feel alone. You have admired Kartik Aaryan before. I can deal with hate and bullying. So, I want to provide every option that they have. She is so good. Of course, they can send a social message. So, if I can create a conversation or a supportive system for people then that is important to me. But yes, as an actor I want to do meaty roles as well. I want people to be a bit kind. So, I think it is important to talk about it rather than keeping it all in because that is how hate grows within. I admired him as an actor and now I am getting to work with him. More Explained

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I read so many. So, I will always go back to the glamour and filmyness. People can believe lies so easily. But even back then I would tell a teacher or my mother about it. I want people to experience that too. I love being part of that. Now, I will leave for the shoot next week to Lucknow.