Brian De Palma is trite, artistically weak, says Paul Schrader

You can also end it,” Schrader, best known as the screenwriter of Taxi Driver, said. And he did. Palma, 78, who has cult classics such as Scarface, The Untouchables and Carlito’s Way to his credit, has not yet reacted on Schrader’s comments. I like that about Facebook. “Don’t get me started on Brian De Palma. I wanted to express some things, hear some reactions, but after that took the conversation off the table. Advertising

After his comments went viral, the First Reformed maker deleted the post and shared another in which he said one of the things he liked about Facebook as a platform was the ability to quickly start a conversation and then end it. I re-watched ‘Redacted’ last night because (I) thought that given total artistic freedom he could reach for the stars. Skate fast on thin ice. You can start a conversation. That’s his story. “I made some critical comments on some films and after a day deleted them. That’s because Brian is trite, Brian is artistically weak. But the stars were beyond his reach. That’s his con,” Schrader wrote. “The script is trite, it is weak. Advertising

In a Facebook post, the 72-year-old director commented on Palma’s 2007 war drama Redacted, saying that he tries to fool audiences into believing he is a great artiste and has nothing new to offer them. 0