Comicstaan 2 first impression: Light comedy that requires some patience

The panel of judges here includes some of the most popular comedians in India right now – Biswa Kalyan Rath, Zakir Khan, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka, Sumukhi Suresh and Neeti Palta. While all of that must be constructive feedback for the contestants, to the audience it sounds the same as any other reality show, with less drama. Advertising

Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan 2 is labelled as the “hunt for the next big stand-up comic” by its hosts Abish and Urooj. Comicstaan 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. There are some who genuinely elicit some laughs but most of them are sadly quite mediocre. It takes some time for the first episode to take off as the first few contestants are on shaky ground but the latter part of the first episode starts holding the attention a bit more. On the other hand, finishing strong encourages you to start the next episode almost immediately. The concept is simple – 10 contestants fight for the top spot in stand-up comedy. The makers must have thought of the order of contestants as they start with the weaklings and gradually progress to the strongest of the lot, Aakash. Personally, I find that a bit strange because if you start strong, there are more chances that the audience might actually finish a 65-minute episode. They dissect each contestant’s set with the same intricacy that Ismail Darbar once displayed on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Advertising

Comicstaan 2 manages to draw the audience in with big names on the billboard and since it is a comedy show, we will give it a chance regardless of a few disappointing acts. The contestants here show some promise. 0
Comment(s) Verdict: You might enjoy more if you set the bar a little low in the beginning.