First of Many: Pankaj Tripathi revisits Run

But since there is very little money in theatre, hence, I came to Mumbai for survival. This was in 2003-04. I remember I also shot for a Kannada film called Chigurida Kanasu around the same time. Like everyone works for a living, I did the same. I won’t like to better anything. So, one day I told her about the cheque signed by her mother. He said, “There’s a guy sleeping there. I knew Vijay Raaz from before. But yes, when I saw the film camera for the first time, it had a huge lens. Before that I had only seen a video camera, and this one had a giant lens. But she was definitely the producer. It is such an old story. I was so tensed up. Next day news was out in the Hindustan newspaper in Patna with the headline “Lakshya mein dikhega Bihar ka laal” along with a small picture of mine. My first chapter in Hindi films began with Run. I don’t even remember well. How was the rapport with them when you got to meet or work with them again later? It was just sometime before passing out from NSD. If given a chance to go back to your debut role, what’s that one thing you’d like to change or do better? While working on Super 30, Hrithik and I did have a small chat on it. She even comes to my home at times. Here’s what he said:
1. A senior of mine or someone from the film’s crew came looking for me actually. What do you remember of your first day on set? More Explained

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Nothing was going on in my mind. She was the producer of Run. I think I got Rs 4000 for a day. The film’s director came to Delhi, as they had to shoot in Benaras. I told him about my role and about my scenes with Hrithik (Roshan). Then I went to watch Lakshya at Ashok cinema hall there along with my wife. 3. But success didn’t come easy to Tripathi. That’s a preparation for a bigger success.”


But to start off, how did Tripathi land his debut role in 2004 film Run? Hrithik asked me whether Super 30 was our second film or the third one. Pankaj Tripathi also simultaneously shot for a Kannada film titled Chigurida Kanasu. I shot for it for two days and earned some money. I told her daughter Janhvi the same during the shooting of Gunjan Saxena biopic recently. I was sleeping in my hostel. In fact, it’s not even my voice in the final product. Were you nervous? I never asked Farhan Akhtar about it. The guard mentioned about me. How many retakes did you take? Popular Photos

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2. He does good comedy.” So that’s how I got Run. We did our scene together and I left. Janhvi and I share a great rapport. I did theatre and I loved it. My agony doubled, not because I have been edited out, but because this news had already been published in the newspaper. I had seen his plays. The maverick actor makes it a point to leave an imprint on every project he becomes a part of. But there were no plans of acting or to prove anything. So, in my first film, I neither had my own voice, nor my character had any name. I visited Leh-Laddakh for the first time during its shooting only. He told my senior that we need some Hindi actors to play friends. I played the friend of the main hero (Shivarajkumar). Later in the day, I saw him at the NSD campus hostel. I could barely understand what was happening and what I was doing. In fact, the first time I gave an audition was for Lakshya. I remember the Rs 8000 cheque I received had the signature of Sridevi. Suddenly, someone came and announced that there was a requirement of an actor for 2 scenes. It was directed by Nagabharana. He got excited and asked more details. So ,when I got to know he was also there in the same scene, I told him I do theatre too. And to begin with, his first happened in Bollywood movie Run. I have never been influenced by cinema. I tried to hide because I still had few months left for the completion of my course. The actor who has been vocal about his struggles and journey prefers to stay rooted and upfront about his humble beginnings. You feel the fear when you know how big something is. 0
Comment(s) So, there wasn’t any nervousness as such. He did his scene and left. 4. He only remembered Agneepath. I knew him as a very good theatre actor but we didn’t really interact much on the set. While studying at the National School of Drama, back in early 2000s, Tripathi did some uncredited cameos in films. I did 2 scenes for 2 days. So, I asked a camera assistant what is the cost. Today I know more about it, how big cinema is and how things can be conveyed through this medium. He asked the guard if there was any actor around. All I knew was cinema meant Mithun Chakraborty in Dalaal, Chandaal… all these kind of films which I saw in my village. My scenes were that of taking boat rides on Ganga with the hero, riding a cycle in the BHU campus, laughing, clapping… like the typical friend of a hero, who helps the hero look good. Pankaj Tripathi shared his first scene in Run with actor Vijay Raaz. I never got to meet her, though I was her fan. I used to live in Delhi back then, so they got someone else to dub for me in Run. I was cast for the role of a character named Subedar Kuldeep Singh. 5. My first scene was with Vijay Raaz. Who were your co-stars in Run? Advertising

Pankaj Tripathi has become a name to reckon with in Bollywood. Advertising

I never thought of acting in films. I’ll share something interesting. I never told him that my beginning in Hindi cinema was in a scene with him. He says, “Don’t feel let down because of a failure. The entire film got over and I was nowhere to be seen. His recent appearances in films like Stree and Luka Chuppi, along with web shows Sacred Games and Mirzapur, have proved his acting mettle. I thought now whoever will read it will take me as a liar, since I work in a medium which has lie as its base – we have fake son, fake mother, fake relationships, fake stories… But I try my best to make it look real. We shot in Benaras for 3-4 days. When I was in my hostel that day, I didn’t know that I’ll be a part of a film in the next 20 minutes. I reminded him of Lakshya too. We did meet several times later but we never spoke about that scene from Run ever. My friend came to me and said let’s visit Benaras. One film or role that inspired you to become an actor? Before the release of the film, I was in Patna. I believe whatever happens, happens for good. If the news wasn’t out, I wouldn’t have felt so much pressure. Either ‘Sridevi Productions’ was written on it or had Sridevi’s signature. While talking to one of my media friends there, I randomly mentioned that I am a part of it. This along with Lakshya, where his role was ultimately edited out. I also did Lakshya, again around the same time. What was your first acting project and how did the role come to you? It was all untitled. We had a senior from Karnataka. His name is Pankaj Tripathi. That time I was unaware. Also Read | First of Many: Gajraj Rao | Vivek Oberoi | Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub | Rajpal Yadav | Rajeev Khandelwal | Govind Namdev | Neena Gupta
6. I asked whether they will pay me. I thought I will be able to run my family and household well here. They have to laugh at every joke cracked by him, even if you find it funny or not.