George Clooney once toured Big Brother house

“Walking around behind-the-scenes was something that was intriguing to him. He was on the lot cutting a movie many, many years ago. That was a highlight,” Grodner said. 0
Comment(s) I’ll admit, I went home and changed immediately,” Grodner told Entertainment Weekly. “He called and said, ‘Can I stop by and I want to bring a guest?’ The guest was George. Advertising

The Oscar-winning actor was apparently in post-production on a film “many, many years ago” on the same studio space, when his editor who was a big fan of the show invited him along for a tour of the house. His editor at the time was a super fan of the show. “I have to say, he was one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. Advertising

The producer said the Catch 22 actor was unfamiliar with the reality show, but was “fascinated” with the tour. That was a big one. He was really fascinated. “The peak experience of my life was giving George Clooney a tour.