Hollywood believing in people of colour’s ability to lead films is great: Kumail Nanjiani

Stuber, directed by Michael Dowse, released in the US on Friday. We’ve seen so many people of colour-led movies doing really well at the box office,” he added. “I’d never done action, so it was a whole new type of acting that I had never done or thought about, not practised at all. Advertising

The Big Sick star currently features in action-comedy Stuber alongside Dave Bautista. “I think it’s great that Hollywood is thinking that people of colour who lead movies — like studio movies — is profitable. That’s the most exciting thing to me. They’re not doing it because they want to be more diverse or improve the world,” Nanjiani told Variety. And then Dave was just so good at it; he’s done it so much. 0
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The 41-year-old actor said the studios now recognise that films led by non-white actors are performing well at the box office. But I really was learning from the best while I was doing it,” Nanjiani said. “They’re doing it because it’s better for profits. He said he was glad to do the film because he always wanted to star in an action feature.