Hollywood Rewind | Batman Begins: The resurrection of the superhero movie, Christopher Nolan style

A reason which both superhero fans and Christopher Nolan nerds will be wholly familiar with — that the Christian Bale starrer is one of the primary reasons why the filmmaker has become such a force to reckon with over the years in show business. The point here is simple; if you cannot afford a big bad villain like Thanos, then make more scary versions of him. The Nolan directorial mixed the theatricality of Batman with the realism of this ever-changing world superbly. Advertising

There is a reason why I am beginning the Hollywood Rewind’s tryst with superhero movies with Christopher Nolan’s 2005 runaway hit Batman Begins. 0
Comment(s) But never forget — this was the one that started it all. Another remarkable thing about the film is that the plot dealt with not one big villain but multiple bad guys — a lesson that all superhero movie makers would do well to note. In Batman Begins, Batman has a face-off with the head of the League of Shadows as well as with Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow. David S Goyer and Nolan’s screenplay played around with the comics in an original fashion that made us forget the badly done Batman & Robin featuring George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell. This was also due to the fact that the story was well-written and the performances were grounded. Batman Begins, based on the iconic character of Batman from DC comics, took the superhero genre out of its comfort zone of escapism and threw it in the midst of reality. Of course, The Dark Knight is a more superior movie compared to Batman Begins. Advertising

What worked in the favour of Batman Begins was a whole bunch of characters that had its own separate arc — Katie Holmes’ Rachel matures to fight the system in her own capacity, Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul is shown as a leader and later on as a corrupt man out to destroy Gotham, Gary Oldman’s cop character James Gordon has a change of heart and becomes more supportive of the protagonist in the latter half. The movie is abound with corruption, decadence and crime, something that humans grapple with on a regular basis, and for once, a superhuman was forced to tackle these subjects on the big screen as well. Hollywood Rewind: 10 Things I Hate About You | The Departed | Freedom Writers | Pretty Woman | Dan in Real Life | Jurassic Park | Tangled | Meet Joe Black | Monster’s Ball | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | You’ve Got Mail | Half Nelson | Fight Club | Doubt | American Psycho | Julie and Julia | Forrest Gump | The Silence of the Lambs | Finding Neverland | Roman Holiday| American History X | Tropic Thunder | Before Sunrise | Scent of a Woman | Finding Forrester | Sixteen Candles
Also, the cinematography is commendable and the fight sequences are choreographed beautifully, especially the parts where Bruce Wayne is still fighting his own self to come to terms with what he will eventually represent.